what is something to admire about Napoleon Bonaparte?

what is something to admire about Napoleon Bonaparte?
im righting an essay about him and i need to include what i admire most about him. any ideas? i was thinking i could put his success but i need details. help!?! best answer=ten points!

Napoleon introduced Code Napoleon, which is the basis of many modern government laws, include some states in US and current France. That’s one

Napoleon during his campaign in Egypt brought many scientists with him, which is responsible to the reintroduction of Egyptian culture and history study into Europe, not to mention the discovery of Rosetta stone which is THE item that helped europeans translate ancient egyptian texts.

Napoleon always think of his soldiers. During the campaign in Egypt, his soldiers caught plague from plundering (mainly due to their rage that the local beheaded their peace representatives and put their heads on pikes), anyway Napoleon stayed with the sick soldiers and took care of them the best he could.

Napoleon was probably the first head of any government to introduce veteran benefits, he adopts the children of soldiers killed in combat and also killed soldiers’ family gets life time pension.