What is such thing as social media addiction.

What is such thing as social media addiction.

So, the good news are that there is such thing as social media addiction, which is sometimes sometimes called like gaming addiction or just excessive use of social media. What do we mean by this? It’s simple. Just like any addiction, these gamers require constant reinforcement, which is provided by the social media websites. As a rule, there is a constant desire to play on the same game, creating a chain of cause and effectual connections between the programmers and the target audience. In the mechanism of addiction, it is encoded with the motivation to play, which is the basic factor in the mechanism of the dependence formation.

Whether the issue of depression, anxiety, or addiction to gaming is real at all or not, at the same time, it is worth noticing that the response of many addicted gamers to the certain games is characterized by a constant desire to get rid of them, as well as the symptoms of other diseases, and the importance of stopping it.

The mechanism of addiction formation is often based on the history of psychological addiction in humans. The step from the denial of own needs to the desire for gaming activity is a spontaneous nature. A person does not need to have a computer game on hand and can spend a lot of time, energy, and energy if a computer is provided. However, the history of this problem reaches the start of the XX century. The psychologist and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud introduced a model of behavior called the social selectivity of games. The idea was that the person is a “fixed” personality, the result of a previous experience. However, when it comes to how to cope with the problem of excessive gaming, the solution is not developed.

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The matter is that the mechanism of addiction formation is not always organized. Some gamers have a stable and steady emotional life ahead of time. Others experience sad shifts in their behavior and view the world from a new angle. And the worst is the case when a person has no track record and finds it difficult to bring the perception of own personality to the standard level.

What to write in the negative effects of video games essay?

Though many psychologists believe that computer games are harmless, there are new cases of psychological abuse, which are often characterized by an increase in antisocial behavior, including aggression, hostility, and abnormalities in the emotional atmosphere. Unfortunately, some victims do not appeal to the psychological evaluative consequences of computer games, and this fact makes the problem even worse.

Abnormal behavior usually appears in teenagers when they are strongly emotional. A game is a particularly dangerous form of this phenomenon because it is inexpensive, accessible, and, especially for children.

The problem of misuse of computer games in the classroom can be linked to the general attitude towards the new, highly textured games. The use of such materials for the essay does not require a serious response as it is not treated in the same way as games of other genres. However, it is necessary to describe the psychology of misuse in an analytical paper.

The gaming is a natural form of human activity. The relationship between the subject and the virtual reality is just as strong. However, the difference is that with the old games, a person can completely forget about the problems of his or her own personality.

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With the rise of the digitized means of communication, the so-called New Media, the printed press became much less popular and entered the period of crisis. The businesses of this time were driven by the never-ending need to earn money. The newmedia were created to fill the gaps in knowledge. The consumer oriented the new information space. The digital life was dominated by the “clubs” – social networks. And, in the future, people did not just live for the sake of entertainment, but also were interested in the core values of life, and so on. The whole current of human activity was described in the light and shade of the media.

The only thing that media can create for the gamer is interest. And this is the mechanism of how it works. The image of a person is highly important for the average person. The image of the virtual world is more important for the reaction of the user to the real world. To get used to the virtual world, the person must have some constant external control. As a rule, it is the virtual side of the individual.

The user enters into the role of such a supervisory body in the process of player behavior. As soon as the need for gaming activity is formed in the personality, then the person begins to experience actual feelings and sensations which are associated with the game. The marks which a person takes during gaming are the real ones which the person registers in his or her daily life statistics.

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An example of such effect for a research paper on video games

The title for the essay on video games should be compiled in such a way that it would be easy for the reader to understand the relationship between the game and the real world.