what is the american dream? ?

what is the american dream? ?
im writing an essay that is supposed to define an abstract term
i chose the american dream
many people see it differently because the dream itself is undefinable

any suggestions on the main points and definitions of the dream?

ex) immigrant situation

The right to worship freely, or not at all: you have the right to go to church, go to a pagan circle, or go nowhere. This is what we were founded on.

The right to work: you have the right to choose your job and strive for it. This is an issue with some countries still overseas, only certain people can be hired into certain jobs. Some countries are OK with treating natural born citizens better in pay and benefits than their immigrants; their country, their laws.

The right to education: no matter race, gender, religion, sexuality, you have the right to be educated and to educate your children. My husband’s family immigrated here for this reason, to have access to better schools.

The right to having a say in the government: voting. How many countries out there still don’t have people’s choice when it comes to their ruler? A lot. Again, their country, their laws. But here you have the right to help make a choice, and that’s something a lot of people can’t say they have.

And the right to free speech: when you don’t agree with the voting outcome, you can complain to your friends, you can put bumperstickers on your car, you can make a ridiculously stupid internet videos. In some countries, these concepts are punishable by law. We can poke all the fun we want at our leaders. Hello, Saturday Night Live.

The right to have nothing and make something of it: this is probably the most common idea of the American dream. To come here with nothing and with hard work, make something. Be born into poverty and work your way into comfortable income. People do it every day and seems to be the top contributor to immigration.

The US is far from perfect on these categories, some to do with stupid decisions of the government, and some to do with people expecting things to be handed to them instead of earned.

But the right to equality, giving everyone a fair chance to succeed, is the underlining theme.