What is the basic structure of the paper. It consists of three main blocks: introduction, body, and conclusion.

What is the basic structure of the paper. It consists of three main blocks: introduction, body, and conclusion.

The essay introduction

The introduction is set to attract your attention and draw your attention to the problem under consideration. Therefore, it must be catching and exciting, as well as include some hook phrase which will prompt the readers to think over the idea presented. In addition, you should mention the name of the paper and provide a brief description of the issue.


It is the main and largest part of the whole paper. All arguments proving the thesis from the introduction should be presented here. In a short phrase, describe the essence of the issue, highlight the most important points. One of the reasons of my hero essay is a clear and concise presentation of the topic. You can use phrases like “To thinkfully, I will better pay attention to the matters of quality and quantity, since I have always been interested in the question” to emphasize the importance of the central idea.

The main problem of my hero essay is a very interesting and original part. You can put in some interesting facts or describe a scenario from fiction or fiction. To make the text more visual, you can add some statistics. For example, in a friendship sacrifice essay, you can include the following statistics: in the entire modern world, more than 50 million people say that friendship is the best thing in life. But only in the center of the text.

Still, there is a significant number of variables to consider in the analysis of friendship. The following factors are of interest to the reader:

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  • This phenomenon exists only in the USA. In Europe, it is not something unusual. For example, the word “friend” means the relationship between friends.
  • In Australia, the myth of friendship is widespread. The friends are often imagined as the most important people in the lives of other people. To a certain extent, it is true. But not everyone constructs this image correctly. The friends are not the fathers of personality. The fashion, attitude towards each other, their domestic skills and interests are not always suitable to each other.
  • In the ideal world, friendly relations would be based on mutual service, the exchange of experiences, the enjoyment of the inner world, the understanding of the other person. Such conditions would make the communication more continuous and feel more internal. The internal needs of interpersonal communication would be satisfied with the corresponding demands of the interpersonal.
  • However, on the earth, we can’t do without the messenger. The external, physical world is ready to receive the message and respond to any actions, but the internal work is still ahead. The external, physical world is a kind of staging area. The conversation with friends is usually conducted in the course of which interpersonal relationships are formed. In order to be truly happy, everyone is required to work with others.

    Work with others, but not with the exception of games. We can call it; but, in fact, it is not always such. The ability to communicate productively with different people, to win their sympathy and attention, to love and banter is a true sign of a deeper, more philosophical thinking.

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    The accumulation of different relationships in the team “My hero Essay” may be considered as the most significant result of the scientific development of the individual, the process of maturing of the spirit. In connection with this, the exchange of experience, positive and negative results is carried out, the wisdom of the individual is enriched.

    The game is a popular children’s pastime which has become a kind of norm in modern society. The computer was introduced into the educational process – the first programs, in which the relationships between the characters were simulated. Such approach to thinking has led to the emergence of a new class of video-gamers, and this trend led to the resurgence of the virtual reality in the industry, dominated by the powerful and confident men. The competition of the virtual reality was fierce. The latest trends in this segment of the economy should be described in the essay on video games positive and negative effects.

    The interesting fact is that the steady advance of computer technology, which has appeared in the last 10 years, leads to the fact that, along with the traditional PCs, the first computers with 64-bit architecture was built in the early 2000s in a factory located in Moscow.

    The project “The Impact of Video Games on the Human Brain” (IJB: 2016) made a great impression on the way it is proceeding. The photograph on the right shows how fluid the virtual world is, how bright the space is, how dynamic the world is.