What is the best way to start a cause and effect essay?

What is the best way to start a cause and effect essay?
Do you think that death phobia would be a good topic for a cause and effect essay? What would be the best way to start an essay with cause and effect? Thanks for the help.

Im in AP Language Art (English) and i figured out by myself that the best way to write a cause-and-effect essay is to focus on the CAUSE (what happened, what caused this, etc…) and how the protagonist make a decision or something that leads to an unexpected consequence and a not-so-happy ending. And the effect (or the consequences), you can let the readers decide and wonder by themselves. By that you push your writer’s brains to work and apply to their own real life… and then… bingo… your work is such a piece of art.

Oh and the phobia idea, i think its cool but its somewhat obvious to the readers,… they can easily guess what causes the phobia. But you can use what i call “unpredictable turning point” to make it super unpredictable to the readers. Like you make them think it’ll happen this way, but it turns out to be the opposite or the other way… (you can see it often in Hollywood blockbusters, some fiction and crime-investigation movies)