What is the best way to write a perfect essay and make my humanities teacher crazy impressed?

What is the best way to write a perfect essay and make my humanities teacher crazy impressed?
shes like a physco path and i want to impress her with a beautiful essay, i just need tips, no specific facts

Depends entirely on what kind of essay it is to be honest.

Generally speaking though, start with a good introduction. Address the question and set the tone of the essay. Make a short judgement there and then.

As for your actual arguments.. Depends what the essay question is. If the essay title is in this format.. “To what extent did New Unionism contribute to the formation of the Labour Party?” then you need to adress the factor given (New Unionism) and then address other factors. If the essay is this format.. “Why did Henry VIII split with Rome?”, you need to address a number of factors. If the essay is for/against something, you need to address one side of the argument first (paragraphing appropriately) and then the second side of the argument (again paragraphing appropriately).

With regard to your paragraphs. One point per paragraph. The format of a Humanities paragraph should be as follows:
Point: Make the point.
Evidence: Provide some form of evidence.
Explain: Explain your evidence.

At the end of each paragraph link it back to the question. This can seem repetitive but it shows that the point should be there and it’s a good way for you to be checking yourself that you are making relevant points. If you’re really good, you’ll also comment on the importance of the point you’ve addressed. This shows that not only are you able to make a point, back it up and explain it fully but you can also make a judgement on your point and its importance within the general context of the question.

Finally, a good conclusion. Your conclusion should NOT include any new information (this should have been addressed in the main body of your essay). It should sum up the arguments, note the important points and less important points (remember a point is never completely useless) and make a clear judgement, that is.. Clearly answer the essay question set.