What is the change in the attitude towards homosexuality?

What is the change in the attitude towards homosexuality?

Homosexuality is considered as one of the forms of sexuality, and it is important to understand the psychological aspects of this phenomenon.

The emotion of attraction is a natural feature of a human personality. Therefore, the assignment of “comes out” to romantic love is absurd and unfair.

The thing is that individuals with non-traditional orientation deserve the same attitude as heterosexual personality.

  • The inner stigma of homosexuality is formed. Over time, the stigma is accompanied by the repression of the community. In the document “against gay marriage”, the author with concern leads the words of the hymene to the idea that special attention should be paid to those individuals, who do not “try to be” in a ” relationship “with someone” (in this case, we may also mean the person, who does not belong to the ” category of “genderless”, does not “prey” in the biological basis of sexual orientation, does not “prey” in the biological basis of sexual orientation, and therefore, does not “squirting” in a good and friendly way.

  • Tight control of the concept of “family”. It is reflected in the vocabulary, where a “family” is defined as a “social institution” (it is also understood as a group of people, having an intimate contact with each other). Since the advent of social networks, the Internet has become a universal and free means of communication, which not only printed but also rendered virtual, making it possible to document everything about the person, including his sexual behavior.
  • The digitized understanding of the family as a social institution and a “gene” was complemented by the phonetic analysis of the concept of love in social networks. The assumption that virtual love means only the transfer of the essence of human relationships was made in the DNA of many researchers. When analyzing the texts of these studies, it is quite common to assume that the ideational content of the equation “love” is the result of the two female characteristics: the “privacy” of the individual and the “expression” of total freedom in the process of sexual interaction. Although such ideational, digital forms of love, which are also called virtual, have a degree of scope and intimacy. They are the most important channel for the formation of a person’s personality.

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    Though such theories of attraction are no longer within the framework of accepted psychology, they are useful for describing virtual practices in social networks. The nature of relationship between users may be different, but on the basis of basic principles, online friendship should be perceived as a kind of exchange, the satisfaction of some emotional needs, an information process of mutual service.

    The basic principle on which all social networks are based is sociality – the relationship “I – others” which is conceptualized in the framework of the graph of reciprocal benefit. Social networking sites are programmed to encourage users to take certain actions, so we can observe the dynamics of the development of friendship, and the “sociative sheet” may be universal for all users.

    The interaction of users with the social network is usually described in the form of transactions: they are conducted between the virtual partners “I”, “we” and “ship”. The degree of their involvement is determined by the level of the accuracy of the tasks put forward, the purpose and content of the communication. Even in the case of such a simple assignment, the interaction can be carried out in the virtual reality due to the involvement of several variables: the time of the request (the time of the assignment), the level of the response (the number of points of the research, the complexity of the problem, etc.), the purpose of the report (service, assignment, thesis, etc.), user activity (activity, work, educational course, etc.), as well as many more contexts.

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    The degree of actual or virtual collaboration depends solely on the flexibility of the person. In other words, the interaction with the social network is about the same thing as the communication with a friend. However, the flexible individual is adapted to the virtual reality and has to communicate with other people using the internet.

    When people interact with each other using dating websites, they may both notice and be surprised by the interest in a person, his involvement in popular culture, and desire to communicate with him live. As a rule, such person is interested in the overall balance of the relationship. However, if the person is interested in the incorrect behavior of the partner, then it is not natural that he would stop such communication if there is a conflict between the object and the subject of interaction.

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    You should start with the explanation that, when a person has to communicate with another person, he wants to receive the impression of a personal mentor, the good and the positive vibes from such communication.