What is the concept “family”? Definitions of this concept are often drawn in reverse order, i.e. from the opposite direction of the one written in the research paper on family values.

What is the concept “family”? Definitions of this concept are often drawn in reverse order, i.e. from the opposite direction of the one written in the research paper on family values.

The family is a system of human social functioning which is represented by a complex set of concepts and relationships. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers use the term “family” interchangeably. In different contexts, this concept is used in different ways, indicating the scope of applicability of the concept of family.

Substantial research has been conducted in the field of sociology. In addition to the concepts of kinship, inheritance, childbearing and parenting, kinship finance was proposed. Researchers have thought about the problem of managing the nature of marriage. Like other researchers, they had difficulty to understand the cultural context of family. Lively imagination was linked with the development of a creative ethic, which, in fact, was already formed in the early childhoods.

Writing the daily news article, you should describe the research of marriage research. As shown on the basis of long studies, the family is a highly organised system, which operates in all social respects: marital relations, children, work, education for and against marriage, health problems, marital problems, moral issues, psychological, geographic, socio-psychological, sociological, medical, psychological, marital, sexual, demographic, family, psychological, and educational activities.

The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by common traditions and opinions. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a “second house of society” and a “shelter” for a person.

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The number of people included in the family depends on the level of production it provides. The threshold of the presence of various family values is crossed every day. The complexity of the forms of property differentiation and dependency in the family are revealed only with the help of historical research.

Psychological researchers are of the opinion that, in the modern family, there is a higher level of material well-being which is provided by the marriage. The discrepancy between the interests of the husband and wife is manifested, which is fundamentally in the concept of the “dominant role”.

With age, a harmony of interests, needs, value orientations, ways to spend time with the chosen one is observed. At a certain age, the behavior of husband can be consistently high. The sex of the partner is either equal or unequal.

The significance of sexuality in the family is universally recognized. Engagement of a child, love, fatherhood are not only ways to provide the pleasure and satisfaction of the partner in the context of official relations. The great importance is the sex, which is the sure sign of the subordination of such relations to the desires of the partner.

Sex is not a source of refined pleasure and satisfaction. It is a mutual exchange of the purest, subtle and sublime energies of the complementary nature. The orgasm, a libido, emotions – all this is truly immense. The power of sexual contact is even more noticeable than the power of penetration.

The psychological value of sex is commonly recognized as the emotional attitude of the partner towards the possibility of having own offsprings. Couples are inclined to impose on the partner a greatly strengthened sense of security, importance, self-respect.

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While adult people try to do something together, they can’t do anything independently. Intimate relationships are based on mutual service and love, the participation of the individual in the collective sphere. The union is the most important social institution for the upbringing of the child, the upbringing of the elderly.

As the data of mass polls and clinical studies show, the majority of respondents believe that the relations between spouses are mainly or entirely not built on the basis of personal relations.

The necessity of marriage is recognized by the scientific community as the main positive factor indicating the presence of the biological basis of human relationships. The ideas of biological basis of marital relations are being discussed in different ways.

The nature of marital relations is normally considered as the sphere in which the reproduction of the population is most intense. In this regard, the role of sex is one of the most significant social structures.

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The family is considered as a social institution in the ancestral sphere of human relationships. Later, the institution of marriage is no longer perceived as a biological basis of the formation of a person, as the hormone exchange is replaced by the menstrual cycle. However, the essence of this system, which is expressed in the concept of “ecological normalization”, is still considered as a social institution.

In the spiritual and social terms, the family is a collective name, the inner image of a person which is formed and preserved in the course of all his voluntary activities. Through the family, generations replace each other, the nature of interpersonal relations is preserved.