What is the correct way to write an argumentative essay? I need a outline how to write an argumentative essay?

What is the correct way to write an argumentative essay? I need a outline how to write an argumentative essay?
I already create the introduction, but i need help on the correct way to write an argumentative essay.

Here my introduction (if it help)

Many entering college freshman today begin with remedial courses, often a result of not passing the necessary pre-requisite exams required to get into higher-level courses. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that one in 10 freshmen and sophomores enrolled in U.S. colleges take at least one remedial course. The increasing number of freshmen entering college enrolled in remedial courses is a result of the poor performance of high school education.

Actually from your introduction it doesn’t sound like the beginning of an argumentative essay. It sounds like a factual essay — a journalistic type report. I also think that the introduction should be prepared last, after you know what you are going to say in the argument part of the essay and can set it up effectively in the introduction.

For example, an argumentative essay might advocate that college admissions should become more stringent to weed out the students who need remedial help to compete effectively in the college level curriculum. Or you might argue that more remedial course opportunities should be made available in more formats in order to permit students to easily catch up.

A basic outline can follow the general formula — tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and conclude by telling them what you told them.

Next the outline of this argument would state several reasons for the proposal that you are advocating. Then some of the factual statements that you included in your introduction could become part of the support you cite in this argumentation. For example, “More remedial opportunities should be offered to students for three reasons. First, because more and more students need them. [here cite your 1 in 10 fact, and include the source where you found it in]. Second, because students today are familiar with and can easily access different formats of educational material — such as iPods, e-learning, classroom, etc. [perhaps add a few statistics or analysis of this trend]. Third, blah blah blah [in other words, come up with a third argument; this is just an outline so I’m not trying to add the substance here].”

Then your outline should include a conclusion, briefly summarizing your proposal and the arguments you’ve made in support, something like “Therefore, more remedial courses should be offered because more students need them, the students are familiar with and can effectively utilize a variety of new technologies and media in which these courses can be offered, and [blah blah blah].”

What kind of introduction should you start with in light of the above argumentation? Perhaps something like “For several reasons, I believe that remedial college courses are becoming increasiningly important to American students and should receive more financial and resource support from college institutions in the U.S. I will support this conclusion in this essay with three specific arguments.”

I hope this helps. Good luck!