What is the cost of help with writing a paper in our company?

What is the cost of help with writing a paper in our company?

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When studying at school or university, young people should not only gain knowledge but also learn how to interpret information and transfer it to others. Expository essay writing enhances these skills. That is why such an assignment is an integral part of curriculum at many educational institutions.

An expository essay definition

In expository essay, you need to consider a chosen topic from different angles. For example, if you write about alternative energy sources, provide definition, classification, ways of application, and current developments, list countries in which such technologies are the most popular, as well as explain how renewable energy sources differ from fossil fuels and what are advantages and disadvantages of alternative energy. All these data should be given in a neutral tone, without obvious support or reproach.

To understand what is an expository paper, let’s compare it with an argumentative essay. Students often confuse these assignments. As a result, they get low grades or have to rewrite a paper from scratch. An argumentative essay implies a subjective point of view, while an expository essay should be completely impartial and unbiased. In the first case, considering alternative fuels, you can argue that such options as wind turbines, solar batteries, and use of biomass are technologies of the future that will save the planet, or vice versa, that they are absolutely useless and ineffective. In the second case, you should provide factual information and analysis only.

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How to start an expository essay?

A process of writing an expository essay should start with a thorough preparation. If you want to get a desired result, take several steps described below.

Choose a topic

A teacher can provide a certain topic or let you choose an issue to your liking. In the second case, it is worth picking a theme that will allow you to show your knowledge and analytical skills to the maximum. It is much easier to write about things you know well than to research a completely new field. Having basic understanding of a chosen matter, you only have to find reliable sources and select interesting facts for your expository paper.

It is hard to involve the reader if you have a superficial knowledge of the matter. So make sure that a topic will not become a Pandora’s box for you.

To illustrate, a student keen on cooking may write a good expository essay about traditional Indian cuisine. Characteristics of a jet engine are likely to be a bad theme for such a person. Author’s sincere interest in the topic can make the paper bright, lively, and compelling.

In general, a topic of an expository essay may relate to any sphere of human life and any object or phenomenon that can be described. Compile a list of topics you are interested in, for instance, cars, music, tourism, etc. Consider what information can be found on each of these issues and narrow your list.

Research a chosen topic

Having clearly defined a research area, study it thoroughly. Even if a topic is familiar to you, do not overestimate your abilities. It is impossible to possess all the knowledge in the world and even more so to use it in one essay. At the same time try not to miss essential aspects without which the paper may seem incomplete.

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Study various scholarly articles related to your topic and gather interesting facts from reliable sources only. To illustrate, you should study scientific publications but not the posts from blogs. When researching online, use official sites as well as credible electronic dictionaries and encyclopaedias.

At this stage, you should make a draft, noting the most interesting points on a sheet of paper or your laptop.

Find examples

People usually perceive specific ideas much better than the abstract ones. It will be easier for readers to understand your ideas if you provide examples. Lots of them can be found on almost any topic. Your task is to choose the most convincing options.

Focus on both frequently and rarely discussed aspects of the subject even when writing a short expository essay. With this approach, your paper will be relevant and informative.

As an illustration, writing about a popular car manufacturer, you can describe company’s history, founders and best managers, as well as successful innovations and also mention new business areas of this organization (e.g. production of motorcycles, loaders, etc.) that are still in a process of development.

How to write an expository essay?

The writing process also involves several important stages, and our experts have listed them below.