What is the description of a national ideal, the ideals and directions of a nation in social life.

What is the description of a national ideal, the ideals and directions of a nation in social life.

  • Comparative evaluation of various countries of the world. For example, the U.S.A. is a model for the world economy, and Finland is a model for the social state.
  • Review of the history of the United States, and at the same time, the history of Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore are studied.
  • The principle of meritocracy is applied in practice only in the United States. In Europe, the ideals of humanism were preached at the level of the state structure. The results of the democratic movement were checked in the system of meritocracy. The number of persons entitled to the lower class in the United States is one of the highest in the world, and this fact is also mentioned in the social inequality research paper.
  • Republicans believe that the society is a “natural” distribution of opportunities and abilities of each. In Europe, the ideals of humanism were considered as a redistribution of wealth. The upper class and the middle class were equal. But America gave way to a new sense of equality. The elimination of inequality was one of the first social reforms in the United States.
  • The main goal of the anti-socialist revolution was to free the United States from the heavy burden of slavery, to allow it to become a model for the Land of the Soviets.
  • The slaves were replaced by free white settlers. You may write in the essay on income inequality and happiness that, in the European sense, the term “free” means the absence of any exploitation,, but, nevertheless, refers to the group of people, including the indigenous citizens, those, who were released from the other countries of the world under the rule of slave-owners.
  • The concept of equality of opportunities, which, in the American conception, took the form of “equality of access and equality of life”, meant equality of opportunities in the American economic sphere, includes equality of opportunity in the results of the elections of the president of the country, the determination of the main causes of income inequality, the restriction of access to the means of production of the population, the promotion of the interests of the middle class, and the provision of assistance to the poor.
  • The main goal of the war on poverty which may be expressed in the alternative source of income inequality essay as the elimination of inequality of income inequality. It was first implemented in the United States in the year 1787. The idea of equality of opportunities was articulated in the French philosopher, and sociologist, Voltaire (pseudonym, real name – Francois Marie Aru). He put forward a number of important thoughts, including the following: the exploitation of the population, which allowed the lower class to dominate. The results of the campaign were the elimination of class exploitation, the rise of the minimum wage, the right of equal distribution of opportunities.
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    However, the results of the first World War were not very promising in terms of the reduction of inequality. The development of the economy was sluggish, the distribution of people was skewed in the distribution of income. In the end, the upper and middle classes constitute a majority (2/3) of the population, which, in addition, owns a substantial part of the national income. In the social sector, the conditions of the existence of the middle class were less significant than the distribution of incomes.

    Mention in the income inequality essay conclusion that the influence of social belonging is mainly responsible for the conditions of the life of the middle class in the United States. Otherwise, the middle class would never have grown up. The causes of this situation lie in the structure of the family, the practices of the early marriage, the availability of land and, especially for the unmarried young families. In the end, the old class had to give up its privileges for the rights of the middle class.

    The middle class reached a high degree of social mobility. The change in the values of the middle class was relatively rapid. As a result, the wages of its members grew more than 1.5 times. The percentage of middle class in the United States was lower than in England (about 30%).

    There is an interesting fact that the middle class did not just narrowly avoid eviction from the upper class. It actively participated in the creation of the high-class caste, mainly among the landowners.

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    The process of social mobility, which became one of the main goals of the urban activist movement, actually began from a lower class than the upper class. In the subsequent period, the middle class increased its presence in the social hierarchy of the United States, partly in the structure of the income inequality, and the privilege of the middle class was established over the subsequent period of American history.