What is the format for writing a formal college essay?

What is the format for writing a formal college essay?
I need to write a professional college essay but have no clue where to even start. We read two essays from our book in class and we have to compare the two authors but our professor wants us to pick which author we agree with more and talk about why giving examples from the essays read. I have never written a formal essay before. So I don’t know the outline of what should go where. Can someone provide me with an outline or a link that tells me where to put everything so when I start typing I know what to do? Thank you.

Opening paragraph- something general with the names and authors of the two works. Finish with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement tells your topic AND the point you’re going to make about it. So in this case, it might be something like “Blah Blah (name of one of the essays) makes a more persuasive case for the author’s point because it gives more factual evidence, makes a better emotional connection with the reader, and uses more vivid examples.”

Then your body paragraphs take those points and support them with quotes from the two essays.

Conclude with some generalizations about what essay writers can learn from these essays, or how essays in general can be more effective.