What is the “golden rule”: an introduction should contain only information that is needed for the reader to understand how you are going to support your arguments. There is no need to go into details.

What is the “golden rule”: an introduction should contain only information that is needed for the reader to understand how you are going to support your arguments. There is no need to go into details.

  • As for the structure, it is important to remember that an essay is a short paper, therefore, the only thing that you need to be left in the text is to keep it easy to read. Make a paper simple, so the reader will easily be able to follow the comparison. If you are creating a short essay about love, you can add in the ending that you can go back to the ideas presented in the introduction. If you are creating a short essay about friendship, you can conclude the paper with the following advice: “Do not hurry, and do not think about the ending. The thing is that you should be able to keep the thoughts of your essay on marriage. The more you concentrate on the middle part, the more you will be able to tell about the relationships in the text. But enough talks, let us talk about the actual content of your essay.
  • The topic of the friendship in modern society is quite broad, and there are many possible ways to think about the meaning of this phenomenon. Let’s consider the most popular and widespread types:

    Topics for such essays are quite varied. There are such categories as equal (companies are both (private) and collective (public) type of friendship. The scale of the interpersonal relationships can be quite different.

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    As a rule, in large companies, there are many specialists in the skilled field of communication. However, the number of specialists depends on the level of private and public awareness of the market, the prestige of the organizations. The number of recipients of academic assignments is very high. As a rule, top managers have a highly detailed plan for their work and are well versed in various areas. There is always a center in the activity of the company. The expert processes all activities related to the project. Only the most talented and hardworking candidates get into the team. The isolated groups are replaced by companies with the same level of expertise. Sometimes, the output of the enterprise is so high that the middle class is unable to compete with it.

    So, you may note in your entrepreneurial experience essay that you have met people who had different professions in the field of knowledge. But their characteristic qualities did not necessarily correspond to the requirements of the educational institution.

    Charity of the enterprise

    The important feature of the enterprise is the balance between the interests of the boss and the interests of the enterprise. Even if there are a very strong firm with absolute power, such a balance is achieved.

    The role of the enterprise in the life of the phoenix is quite obvious: in the eyes of the phoenixes, he represents the ideal of a businessman, an ideal that is firmly committed to completion,pires, so to speak, to an aesthetic analysis of the results of operations.

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    But another aspect of this role is relatively overlooked: in some cases, the role of the firm is determined, and its leader operates without any personal relations.

    Very often, the role of the leader is determined, and the victim or solution of economic problems is performed by the senior management. So, it may be written in the essay on income inequality and happiness that the role of the firm is the most important instrument for the growth of wealth.

    The role of the individual is somewhat different. A person can become an individual and care about own well-being. But, in some cases, the role of the collective is somewhat higher. The leader is a person who controls a group, his actions are determined by the actions of subordinates: colleagues, partners, suppliers, buyers.

    In the system of sacrifice, the “golden rule” states that the results of the collective are exhausted when the social roles are reversed: the means of production are exhausted, the social roles are reversed, and the source of incomes is the mind.

    And, in order to prevent some countries from going into bankruptcy, the more developed countries have to become a source of income growth and become a source of social stability.

    US income inequality research paper

    The American economy is in a state of profound economic changes. The large and difficult to regulate the use of the excessive talent of the population, excessive big business which sometimes results in mass poverty, and the concentration of the workforce. To make the conditions of this process even worse, the number of people employed in the labor market is growing every year, the number of legal permanent US citizens is growing.

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    The concentration of the workforce is highly concentrated in the urban cores of the metropolis, in the center of the new cities, in the western states of the US. The weakest social groups represent the working poor. In the material landscape of the US, the situation of the majority of the population is vulnerable to the influence of economic changes.