What is the highest score on the Act’s? And what is the fair score?

What is the highest score on the Act’s? And what is the fair score?
I just need to know the highest score on the Act’s and what is the minimum fair score? Do colleges look at your act score only or attendance and grades?

For TOP Universities, your unweighted GPA, academic awards, admission essay, academic geared extra-curriculars, music and multiple languages, leadership experience and impressive references are all very important. Some also require additional SAT Subject tests.

For Most Universities, though, the ACT or SAT represents 40% to 45% of the decision, with your unweighted GPA representing about 45% to 50%, and your Admission Essay and extracurriculars making up the rest.

The MAX on the ACT is a 36, however, a 35 is also considered a “Perfect” score due to the correlation between number of questions and possible score. A good score is relevant to the quality of University.

A TOP tier University – Ivy League Schools, Stanford, MIT, etc., would require a minimum 34

A First Tier University – like UCLA, USC, UC-Berkeley, UWashington-St. Louis, UChicago, Northwestern, UMichigan-Ann Arbor, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, Boston College, Georgetown, etc., would require a 30 to 32 or higher.

A Second Tier University – like UC-Irvine, UWashington-Seattle, UMiami, Ohio State, NYU, Syracuse, Colorado, Texas A&M, Boston University, Georgia Tech, etc., would require a 26 to 27 or higher

A Mid/Third Tier University – Iowa, Univ Arizona, Univ Florida, Florida, Tulane, Oregon, etc. would require a 22 to 24 or higher

And, the lowest Tier Universities – would require only about an 18 or 19 plus.