What is the human rights definition essay

What is the human rights definition essay

This document is created for the sole purpose of informing the group of citizens how and in their presence, including listeners, readers and viewers, but not to convince them. It is necessary to describe the basic ideas of human rights, the status of people, the meaning of responsibilities and freedoms.

  • It is necessary to indicate the main rights concepts, here they are expressed in the form of the word. The reader may not accept the word “family” as a synonym for “family”. The need to clarify the meaning of the term “family” is caused by the fact that a number of peoples has been developing independently since the time of Plato whose Utopia showed the main direction of civilization’s progress toward an ideal society. The family, a unique intermediary between the genes and the passions of the person, was and remains an independent social institution.

    The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by a certain unity of life priorities, ideas, ideals and ways of life. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

    The scientific status of the family is synonymous with the position of the intermediary between the genes and the passions of humankind. Through the family, generations replace each other. The truth is expressed in the following phrases: “To be” means to think, “To believe in a family”, “To love in a marriage”. These are personal expressions of the author, his word for the world.

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    The word “family” is a kind of global concept, which in its essence is represented as a network of individuals, united by a certain form of life, creating and nourishing connections between society and others. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. As a mother, father, or other person is a part of one extended family, and thus, is part of a collective “family” of persons.

    Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynamics of the dialectical development of the world is accelerated. As a result, the underlying forces of social change, which you should describe in your essay on family relationships, are supported and concentrated.

    The concept of “family” is a relative term, which, nevertheless, is not identical with marriage. The installation of a family is constructed on the basis of another, more basic concept, which is the marriage. The above-mentioned relations are supplemented by other ones, including relationships of children and parents.

    The characteristic features of a marriage union are inseparable: the mother and the father belong to one another; they are also one another’s children. Since the children are the assets of the family, they are also one of the main economic concepts of the epoch, their society and the whole of humanity.

    Since the Western civilization has become extremely wealthy, its morality has gradually gone beyond the family. The modern type of relationship between a man and a woman does not allow them to be passive. The man pursues the goal independently, without any influence from the outside. The woman, in turn, brings up the child, does not allow him to experience discomfort and sorrows because she is too weak to give him proper help.

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    The modern form of relationship between a man and a woman is simpler, more personal. The main feature is the choice of the one, the subjective desire of the spouses to establish a family as a mother, father, or husband. Such relationships are based on the personal need and desire of the partners to provide the material well-being and emotional support in the most difficult situations.

    There is a stereotype that the masculine role is more often played by men than women. However, men even do not always adopt this stereotype. The reasons for this lie in the process of the elimination of the male role in the family. Unique men and women have different perceptions of familial roles, which, indeed, varies from the point of view of the individual. In different cultures, the image of family members is different.

    The case of marriage is changing socially and emotionally. The expectation is that the partner will have children, that he will bring them up. The idealization of the family is being transformed today. The result of the marriage is the desire of partners to take the children, the adoption of children, the capacity for the adoption of children.

    The transformation of love into the main motive widens the range of moral requirements of the spouses to each other, increases the expectations. The goal of future relations of the spouses to each other directly depend on the degree of their commitment to the development of the child.

    Modern families are generally much more likely to have sexual relations than before. However, the focus of research is the change in the role of female part of the family.

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    Sex is a major value in the value system of the families.