What is the ideal size of the Harvard MBA essay: 10 ideas presented in one document.

What is the ideal size of the Harvard MBA essay: 10 ideas presented in one document.

The essay will be focused on results of your professional experience and insights into the chosen business area. So, you will send a message to both companies. The best choice is to create a little PowerPoint presentation for your essay and include the text itself. As a rule, it will be a brief summary of your skills and accomplishments, but detailed company presentation and API are preferred. The main idea of the paper should lie in the MBA essay introduction, where you will set out the entire strategy, revealing the exacts goals of the chosen business.

Here is an example of an essay: “I am used to leadership roles and inspiring others”. Enrich the reader in the right atmosphere and look through a window of your soul, and this is what you will see the moment when you will be able to touch on a completely different path to success.

The NEXT important thing to do is to write a family philosophy essay. It is one of the most important papers you will be writing during your studies. Its topic is family relationships. The traditional understanding of it is based on the understanding of the importance of controlling the nature of a family and the willingness to obey the decisions of a family. It dictates a lot of family values, which, in turn, are the basis on which the Enlightenment and rebirth of the spirit take place. American psychologist and psychiatrist Bruno Bettelheim, on the experience of working in his own school, found that the values of parents are the most important values in the identity of the young man. The ability to stop their own behavior under any circumstances and to be willing to commit a mistake is a significant factor in the formation of the individual identity in the modern youth.

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If you want to write an interesting essay on family values, you should mention the following points:

  • Family is a fundamental social institution, a cell of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern scientists identify the family as a “system” in which the everyday needs of the person are satisfied in the most diverse way.
  • The communication of parents and children is carried out on a basis of mutual respect, intelligence, and knowledge, and the ability to recognize the separate individual.
  • The basic social structures of the family – a marriage union, a childbearing period – are significant for the formation of the individual identity in the modern youth. Sexual orientation is also formed by the method of interpersonal communication.
  • The choice of partners is determined by the strength of the individual’s desire, the breadth of social contacts, their level and significance, their history and social legacy.
  • Prerequisites for marriage are arousal and self-respecting relationship that allows the satisfaction of the basic needs of the person and the possibility of marriage without external mediation.
  • The value of marriage is influenced by the cooperation of parents and children. Throughout the life of a family, the absolute parental power and authoritarian system of upbringing, the inner dynamics of interpersonal relations, the basis for the formation of the individual identity are formed. In the system of sacrifice, the father fulfills these functions in the role of the supreme authority in the family. The child manifests the attitude of the ancestor in the role of the young man.
  • Some characteristics of marriage, which should be described in essays about family relationships:
  • The attitude towards the child is not strong, and therefore, the ability to influence his behavior is extremely important.
  • The choice of partners is quite limited, and therefore, the quality of marriage is relatively low.
  • The motivation for marriage is typically determined by the interests of the family as a whole, the interests and desires of the spouses are the most important factors that influence the motivation of marriage.
  • There is a hierarchical system in which different partners are presented in separate spheres. Each of them performs its own functions and feels involved in a common activity.
  • There are significant number of social roles of marriage, the role of each of them is the same as the position of the individual in the collective sphere.
  • The household is a quite small social group, the function of which is to create a supportive environment for the individual.
  • It is the most important institution the family has in common with other social institutions, namely, marital relations. However, the family does not have any special structural characteristics, and therefore, is not a “classical” institution.
  • In the collective sphere, it is the most important social institution, and therefore, the most important subject of research, in the sphere of which it is necessarily tied – socially, financially, psychologically, socially, morally, according to various parameters of the measurement of values.
  • Structure of family is ubiquitous in modern society.