What is the key to writing a good college essay?

What is the key to writing a good college essay?

There is no magical key for it but if you can read my response carefully, it might help if at all..

1. Every professor focuses on your thesis statement (your claim) when they read your essay. So you have to write a very clear, insightful, and “narrow” thesis statement at the end of your paper. A good introduction is not only interesting but it is very compact. It focuses on only 1 particular topic through out the paragraph. Interesting paragraph not always insure a high quality of writing. Never write “all over the place.”

ie. For an argumentative essay, if your claim is like “sth is illegal.” in your essay, you just claim the reasons why it should be illegal..but if you write in your thesis statment like “sth is illegal and should be banned” your claim has to talk about policy, too.

2. Never forget about organization and unity. Never don’t write anything that your thesis doesn’t allow. consider the credibility of the thesis statement. From one paragraph to the next should be well-writte, well-developed, and well-organized.

3. Try to read college-level essays so you don’t have to mess up with awkward style and syntax.

consider some tips:

When your essay or sentence is unclear, your readers have to reread it to understand. Clear sentence means someone just read it once and understand it.

When you think that some sentences or words are awkward or mess you up, leave it out and try new one.


College-level essay = clear, well-developed, well-written, well-organized, (or well-argued).

Always be aware of the thesis statement and how well you can support your thesis statement without being “all over the place”