What is the list of features that may be mentioned in essays about stress management:

What is the list of features that may be mentioned in essays about stress management:

  • Consistent feeling of tension, especially, because of unpleasant events.
  • Unstable emotional experience without deep internal pressure.
  • A sense of social loneliness, development of an inferiority complex.
  • Stable depressive syndrome with all the consequences of this psychopathological state.
  • Physical consequences

    Examples of negative consequences for the effects of stress on health essay

    You may also provide the following data:

  • Diarrhea or constipation. In case of a stressful state, regulation of responses occurs through the central nervous system, and the vegetative nervous system plays the role of mediator on the way to the performing organs. A wide range of disorders of nervous activity leads to vegetative malfunctions which primarily affect the activity of complex systems, including the digestive organs.
  • Indigestion that manifests itself in food retention in the digestive system, epigastric pain, belching, heartburn, nausea. For people suffering from gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases of the stomach and duodenum, the intensification of symptomatology of these pathologies is characteristic.
  • The increase in the blood glucose level, which is associated with impaired insulin production. Physiologically increased concentrations of free glucose in the blood lead to toxic reactions that enhance overall symptoms. The presence of diabetes in a patient’s history can lead to serious reactions, even to the loss of consciousness.
  • Disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system in the form of increasing/lowering blood pressure or heart rate, arrhythmia, extrasystole. Such clinical manifestations are also associated with vegetative dysfunctions of physiological processes. The absence of normal regulation often leads to a loss of consciousness due to the incorrect redistribution of blood in the brain, especially against the background of low blood pressure. The reverse pathological effect is a hypertensive crisis and, as a consequence, strokes or heart attacks.
  • High instability to infectious pathologies, especially of respiratory plan. The characteristic distinctive features of chronic stress are persistent runny nose, cough and respiratory function disorders.
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    Behavioral consequences

    The last group of negative factors for the essay about effects of stress refers to the behavioral patterns that are firmly rooted in life of stressful personalities:

  • Disorders of appetite. Acute stress is usually characterized by an increase in appetite. With prolonged exposure to stress factors, there is a gradual decrease and, consequently, a complete lack of appetite.
  • Sleep disturbances also show the time dependence of stress factors. In the early period of stress, drowsiness is usually increased and then decreases. In case of the chronic impact of stress factors, a constant lack of sleep is observed, which strongly affects his behavior and appearance of a person.
  • Social isolation.
  • Stressful personalities neglect their duties and reduce the level of hygiene requirements.
  • The manifestation of nicotine, alcohol and drug addiction in attempts to reduce the severe perception of stress factors.
  • The emergence of bad habits, for example, nibbling the nails, scratching the skin and so on. Regular masturbation is observed in the behavior of many men.
  • Stress management research paper outline

    The first thing you need to do is to determine the topic of the essay, understand what problem you want to raise, and what idea to disclose. In the essay genre, there is no strict and definite structure of writing. Your task is to express own thoughts so that your reader will understand you. But experienced writers advise to adhere to the traditional plan. The outline for stress management research paper may be divided into the following points:

  • Stress essay introduction (focus on the idea and theme of your work).
  • Theses (your thoughts and reflections).
  • Arguments (this is what will confirm your opinion; for this, you need to back it up with facts from the scientific literature or real life).
  • Conclusion of stress essay (your little logical resume of what was written).
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