What is the list of main principles which may be described in essays about student loan:

What is the list of main principles which may be described in essays about student loan:

  • The principle of debt consolidation. We clearly see a huge gap between the interests of the borrower and the interests of the creditor.
  • The equality of opportunities. We will not try to resolve the problem of unequal opportunities in this document. Instead, we propose enabling different people to compete on equal terms.
  • The basis of the equality of opportunities is equality of access to the independent potential. All individuals are equal before the law. In other words, the idea of equality of opportunities is the basis of the freedom of individual entrepreneurship.
  • Equality of outcome/result. It means the same thing as equality of position in the labor market: the same number of participants, position at the same position, with the same basic education and enterprise, etc.
  • Equality of treatment. It means the abolition of the institution of social responsibility for the results of any kind of activity (work, education, marriage, child labor, etc.).
  • Of course, it should be noted in a social responsibility essay that these principles are used in practice only in America. There are no laws that can’t be applied in practice. Only the inability of some social groups to finance the necessary services can lead to the fact that certain social groups suffer from under the influence of social inequality.

    For example, the elimination of social responsibility leads to the fact that, for example, the poor get the position of the working director simply because they are able to pay for their own behavior. Individuals with an income less than the one that is expected by the employer.

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    The example of the treatment of social groups shows the role of the phenomenon of ‘social imbalance’ – the imbalance of the results of various social activities, the difference between the positions of different social groups, the result of the exploitation, etc.

    The problem of inequality in the United States is the continuation of the old, proven system which is based on the principle of equality of opportunities, and it involves the existing social structure which is subservient to the interests of the wealthy.

    The replacement of the middle class in the composition of the upper class occurs quite soon. The victim of many years of work has just emerged from the public consciousness. The processes of social mobility are clearly visible: the sons of the slaves become a part of the upper class of the free white population.

    There is no reason to expect that the number of citizens eligible to this position in the future is substantially higher than the number of voters who have been elected to the US Senate during the past several decades. The causes of this transition are the changes in the content of the electorate, which make it possible to treat the problem of inequality between people in the same way as to the problems of inequality between people.

    Based on the above, you may assume in “How income inequality is affecting the poor?” essay that the ideal population is those in whom the fundamental human values are being manifested: high social status without economic, traditional, class features. The character of the ideal population is manifested, in the addition of which, the political rights are inherited.

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    In the period of early adulthood (between 20-30 years), the meaning of the word “family” is little more than a year earlier. The scientific name of this concept is almost identical with the concept of “family size” which in everyday life is no less than the number of children. The quantity of births is record between 20-28 days, and the time of life necessary for a child to live equals the length of time necessary for the birth.

    As for the number of people who can be called witnesses, there are census respondents among whom the following facts are observable: the number of respondents includes many older men, women and children; the daily population consists of adults, having varied in age and life expectancy; in 2050, the number of people who can be called witnesses is expected to grow to 7 million.

    Mention in your population control essay that in the 90’s, the feeling of equality of opportunities was widespread in the social circles. The spread of the word and ideas of moderation, integration and mutual assistance of the entire society was observed.

    In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters. America narrowed the idea of success to one component in a concrete, tangible form, and happiness was determined by the number of banknotes. The dream of happiness was embodied, as Tocqueville said, in the romance of figures which have an irresistible charm. The cult of wealth has become almost religious. It was a special form of idealism. Tocqueville described it as follows: there is something supernatural, mystical in the incredible ability of Americans to acquire.