What is the main effect of exposing children to domestic violence online: on the Internet and in the real life, it is extremely easy to expose the victims, their personal profiles, and even home addresses.

What is the main effect of exposing children to domestic violence online: on the Internet and in the real life, it is extremely easy to expose the victims, their personal profiles, and even home addresses.

When writing an essay on child abuse and neglect you can mention that more and more often the term “family” is used in the US. At the same time, the family has become something. The images of a man in the role of a child, promoted children’s fashion, the way they are treating their relatives has all become part of the public consciousness. And this is not the only reason why the family is regarded as a social institution. In our time, there are many families with children. Besides, for sure all families, there are adults among them. But in some cases, children are treated with extreme brutality.

Children are often subjected to bullying. The words “child abuse” and “family abuse” are often used to explain situations with children. But the applied definition of this concept is very vague, and the amount of the phenomenon of domestic violence has not yet been finally clarified, and its essence is still discovered by people of different age groups.

The definition of this phenomenon for personal abuse essay

The definition of this phenomenon for essay on domestic violence

The Guardian Council of Britain defines this problem as unwanted sexual attempts, requests for sex and other verbal or physical acts of a sexual nature.

The matter is considered as malicious, cruel and irresponsible not only for the victim but also for the offender. The context is the offender’s aggressive actions towards women and other women, the frequency of such acts is regularly observed. The cause of domestic violence is usually a conflict between the victim and the culprit.

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The inheritance of the culture of physical abuse in the family can be preserved for several generations. The psychology of violence becomes part of the personality of a child who has been subjected to it. The culture of physical abuse is formed and develops in the family. The psychology of violence is ingrained and transmitted from the child to the family. So, this definition should be taken into account if you write essays on domestic violence.

The activities of the child in the family are characterized by:

  • while trying to have sexual contact, even with the consent of the mother;
  • when using physical force against children, forced sexual intercourse or attempt of rape;
  • when the forced sexual intercourse is performed against the child’s will.
  • The identity of the child as a sexual object is often obscured by his public image, social status at the time of the incident, shallow socialization, lack of experience, fear of competition. This type of behavior allows the offender to establish control over the victim.

    The definition of the concept ‘family’ existing in the literature can be conditionally divided into three categories.

  • Such a variety of definitions indicates the complexity of the phenomenon. So, you have to make intellectual efforts to write a good argumentative essay on domestic violence.

    The family ‘does not fit’ into the framework of any area of knowledge. Its various parts are described by at least ten independent sciences. Each family researcher, in accordance with his goals, takes one aspect of family relations for consideration (philosophical, historical, economic, demographic, sociological, medical, psychological, or pedagogical) and formulates own working definition of the family, which is often so narrow that its applicability only extends only to the case of domestic violence against adults, children, steers, etc.

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    Summarizing the above definitions, we can say that the family belongs to special, fundamental groups of society. It is both an independent group and a social institution. Family and marriage are social forms of regulating the relations between people who are in kinship ties. But, despite the proximity of these concepts, they are not identical.