What is the main effect of stress on the human body which may be described in essays on stress:

What is the main effect of stress on the human body which may be described in essays on stress:

  • Capriciousness.
  • Increased irritability which often turns into an open aggression.
  • Complete lack of incentives for emotional and cognitive relaxation. During chronic stress, such conditions often lead to the development of quite serious psycho-emotional overloads with the transition to mental disorders, as a rule, depressive.
  • A sense of social loneliness, development of an inferiority complex.
  • Stable depressive syndrome with all the consequences of this psychopathological state.
  • Physical consequences

    Examples of negative consequences for the effects of stress on health essay

  • The storage of short-term energy reserves is associated with a great decrease in the activity of the same elements of the brain that are responsible for storing short-term information. To take an objective and correct decision, it is necessary to involve in the thinking process some significant practical experience. Information about it is stored in short-term memory.
  • Chronic pessimism and nihilism. A person is inclined to refuse any innovations, changes in his activity, including labor. However, if it is actually impossible to find a person who is able to reflect and act only in the system of broken values, then this phenomenon also qualifies as a psychological state.
  • An increase in the frequency of urination against the background of small volumes of urine output. It has the following organoleptic characteristics: a dark color and a strong smell. What is more, it is impossible to drink a bottle of water without peeing it.
  • The increase in the blood glucose level, which is associated with impaired insulin production. Physiologically, the lack of insulin results in a violation of the ability of insulin to channel energy through the blood. The reverse pathological effect is the development of post-traumatic stress.
  • Disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system in the form of increasing/lowering blood pressure or heart rate, arrhythmia, extrasystole. Such clinical manifestations are also associated with vegetative dysfunctions of physiological processes. The absence of normal regulation often leads to a loss of consciousness due to the incorrect redistribution of blood in the brain, especially against a background of low blood pressure. The reverse pathological effect is a hypertensive crisis and, as a consequence, strokes or heart attacks.
  • Loss of sexual desire, decreased libido.
  • High instability to infectious pathologies, especially of respiratory plan. The characteristic distinctive features of chronic stress are persistent runny nose, cough and respiratory function disorders.
  • For women, violations of menstrual cycle in the form of long delays, pains and so on are often characteristic.
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    Behavioral consequences

    The last group of negative factors for the essay about effects of stress refers to the behavioral patterns that are firmly rooted in life of stressful personalities:

  • Sleep disturbances also show the time dependence of stress factors. In the early period of stress, drowsiness is usually increased and then decreases. In case of the chronic impact of stress factors, a constant lack of sleep is observed, which strongly affects his behavior and appearance of a person.
  • Social isolation.
  • Stressful personalities neglect their duties and reduce the level of hygiene requirements.
  • The manifestation of nicotine, alcohol and drug addiction in attempts to reduce the severe perception of stress factors.
  • The emergence of bad habits, for example, nibbling the nails, scratching the skin and so on. Regular masturbation is observed in the behavior of many men.