What is the main effect of using the Web in the education:

What is the main effect of using the Web in the education:

  • The use of the Internet leads to the fact that it is easy to get any type of information any time and, therefore, many students do not take it into account.
  • The development of virtual communication develops the ability to establish small deals with clients.
  • The consumption of Internet by office workers has several effects:
  • The immediate fact that every reputable website disappears disappears within a month after the advent of the Internet. However, in the long term, the impact of Internet on the corporate world can be extremely high. One way or another, it is absolutely impossible to predict the future of social media on the Internet. And the thing is that nobody can master all of the problems that arise after its usage. It is simply impossible to create a cybersecurity technology that will work for a year without an internal regulation of online information security.
  • Another effect of Internet is the gradual decline in the number of existing companies. The victims of this trend are small businesses whose services are mostly used by enterprises such as FedEx, MasterCard, and T-Mobile. Such companies are forced to make tough decisions regarding the use of the Internet. In this regard, it is quite easy for the young companies to take the law into their own hands.
  • While the number of companies suffering from attacks is growing, more attention is often paid to the financial and operating side of the problem.
  • In such a situation, it is often reasonable to assume that the attacker is a member of some criminal groups. After analyzing the actions of such people, it is fairly easy to determine their motives and conclusions for the attack.

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    An important activity of this type is the distribution of hacking attacks against various targets. The typical methods are distributed in common during the attacks, and this threat is often met in the financial and service sectors.

    The most common methods are as follows:

  • This is a method of economic disruption. When a business is temporarily or permanently engaged in a new round of expenditures, it leads to a sudden slowdown of external operations, which in turn, leads to financial losses.
  • This is a method of terrorism, which manifests itself in the form of computer attacks and viruses-extortionists.
  • Essay right is also associated with physical attacks. Such right is expressed in the topic of the publication of which is usually linked to research projects.
  • Unfortunately, many victims of these types of cyber attacks are relatively small businesses that do not suffer from one-time acts. However, such attacks can be directed at anyone: employees, clients, suppliers, marketers and others.

    The importance of the Internet for society essay

    The world is becoming more connected with the Internet. Many social aspects of this process are being improved:

  • The main thing is that people do not trust the intermediaries, which leads to various consequences, for example, corporate liability.
  • The development of security technology is revolutionizing the attack in this area. The techniques of authentication and encryption are getting more and more complicated, the problem of attribution is especially acute.
  • Social media leads to the fact that attackers take a lot of additional time to break into the accounts of businesses. A lot of efforts are being made in this direction. One of the main companies develops a system for sending the notifications of hacking attacks to all companies.
  • It is worth mentioning in a cybercrime essay that companies are doing their homework to reduce the number of attacks on the Internet. The use of the cloud provides protection from such attacks. The cloud is becoming more common and enables locking down the Internet.
  • To reduce the risks of attack on the supply chain, it is necessary to review the actions of third-party organizations and tests the effectiveness of information security technologies.
  • In 2017, three protecting systems were used: cloud-based application servers, application centers and a forward-to-home gateway. The total volume of which was 50 million pieces of data, the second – an information security management system.
  • The third measure in the fight against cybercrime is a part of the solution of additional income tax. The payment of monthly payments in the amount of the initial payment (about 3 million dollars) was verified in the first trimester of 2015.
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