What is the main goal of the policy on violence prevention: to increase the level of awareness and to encourage people to take part in protest actions.

What is the main goal of the policy on violence prevention: to increase the level of awareness and to encourage people to take part in protest actions.

The mechanisms of persuasion

According to the authors of essays on domestic violence, the tactic of persuasion is a democratic technique which exists simultaneously with the goals of the attack on the opponent. It is based on a balance of interests of the persuaders. It is argued that every statement has the right to be believed, so to speak, to represent the truth. In the system of corruption, the principle of meritocracy is used. The aim of the author is to convince the audience to believe in his point of view.

The general aim of the strategy of persuasion is to establish the illusion of consensus, the so-called recognition of the opponent’s ideas. This is a fundamental weakness of the modern states, their descent into a ghetto. The need for this illusion is the base for the whole mechanism of bribery, which directly affects the decision of the society to accept the first government document about human rights.

Based on the experience of the fight against bribery that has been preserved in all historical periods, the following strategy may be proposed in a “Honesty and integrity” essay: relying on the experience of the past, its opponent will eventually succeed.

The main requirement for such a strategy is the existence of a large number of independent individuals, including politicians, public figures, entrepreneurs. They can be sponsors and participants of the process, and this, in turn, allows to establish quite stable positions.

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The concept of the enterprise is self-respecting. It means a combination of the traditional skills of the ruler and the skills of the citizen, the ability to speak metaphorically. However, this concept is not limited to only one side of the issue. If, for example, in the case of discrimination in academia, some members of the ruling elite still regard their actions as harming the traditions of their society, which, in turn, is backed by the authority of the state.

Therefore, nothing prevents individuals from having own opinion. Furthermore, it is not difficult to find the sources of personal criticism within the framework of statistical information.

It is important to note in a social analysis essay on corruption that opinions of scientists on political corruption vary greatly. Scientific work contains the application of various methods of analysis and complementary research techniques. Each research paper contains at least two sections.


The research activity of students begins with the university curriculum on literature. Such assignments are the first steps into adulthood. They should be used to fill the gaps in knowledge on the subject, to study the subject. The formation of a personal point of view should begin with the university research paper introduction. It is recommended to write it with the thorough analysis of the topic, obtaining as much information as possible on the chosen issue.

The first thing you need to know about this type of essay is its difference from the abstract one. The latter implies a comprehensiveness of the possible violations of the law in relation to the object or phenomenon under study. In other words, the paper has a descriptive nature. The word “essay” is most often understood as “a sketch”, “a test”, “a variation”, “rule”, “few examples”, “sample”, “argumentation”, etc. The sample argumentation of a cause and effect essay attracts the attention of the teacher and the attention of the student.

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Because of the unremarkable nature of the tasks, it is easy to confuse the essay with the abstract one. Even then, the abstract one has to be supplemented by the plan, so that from the first glance, it differs from the essay by the clear structure.

Such differences are greater only in the case of the kind of the papers, in which the description of the whole phenomenon with some detail is placed in the introduction. In other words, the task is to show how the problem is considered in the text.

At this stage, not only the student knows what is the topic of his essay, but also the idea, the product of his work. Usually, such essays are divided into the rules of the essay on death and taxes, the essay on literature, the essay on freedom of speech, etc.

When a person does not know what exactly he will have to write, it is necessary to select the one in the group of assignments that will be written for a certain period of time.

Group assignments are performed in the following sequence:

  • Death and taxes essay. The author should express his views on the phenomenon under consideration, highlight the slightest nuances, hint at the solution of the problem.
  • Integrated speech where the reader meets with the text written in the single language. The author should describe the history of the problem as well as its causes and consequences. To illustrate, in the essay on income inequality, it is appropriate to talk about the basic principles of finance which are used by the population, the causes of economic inequality, and ways to eliminate them.