What is the main idea of a positive and empowering essay on child abuse:

What is the main idea of a positive and empowering essay on child abuse:

  • to reveal the new forms of parenting that will be formed in the process of this problem;
  • to increase awareness and social mobilization of parents and the society as a whole;
  • to develop a system of preventive and corrective measures to tackle the problem of child abuse;
  • to increase the scope and depth of the psychological understanding of the problem in the family, the formation of a system of preventive measures to deal with it.
  • What is the main idea of an essay on child abuse?
  • What sub-theses might I write about child abuse in a family?
  • Is it necessary to define and classify the problems of child abuse in the family?
  • What kinds of children abuse are inflicted by parents and other family members?
  • What kinds of physical injuries are inflicted by children in the family?
  • How to prevent child abuse in the family?
  • What physical conditions are characteristic for the adolescents?
  • What are the personal characteristics of the adolescents?
  • What social roles do they have?
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    Writing About Drinking Age

    The problem of teenage alcoholism becomes more relevant every year. Young guys and girls fall into the net of dangerous dependence not realizing the severity of the consequences. The seriousness of this phenomenon should be considered as the main argument of the age of responsibility persuasive essay. Let’s figure out the causes of this trend and the characteristics of the addiction.

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    Overview of the problem of adolescent alcoholism for drinking age essays

  • For adolescents, the systematic consumption of alcohol means the drinking of ethanol-containing beverages at least once a week before the beginning of the month. And there is no significant difference what kind of drink it will be – beer, wine, brandy or alcohol-containing cocktail.

    According to statistics, 5-7% of poisonings in childhood and adolescence fall on alcohol intoxication. At this age, it develops extremely quickly. Initially, there is a short excitement caused by alcohol. But it quickly passes into a deep sleep and can even lead to death. For a young organism not accustomed to alcohol, the dose which is usual for an adult can become lethal. So, your argumentative essay about legal drinking age in USA will consider the matter of life and death.

    Why do teenagers start to abuse alcohol?

    The introduction of age restrictions is a prohibitive measure. However, it is also worth explaining to the readers of drinking age debate essays what causes the need for such prohibitions. In the course of several studies, it was established that the causes of the need for alcohol to be allowed to continue to exist, regardless of whether it is considered addictive or not.

    The mechanism of addiction formation is closely related to three aspects: adolescent alcoholism, the offering of strong drinks for free, and problem of abuse. Let us consider these three.

    In the mechanism of addiction, the need for alcohol is induced. This is the need for a continual need for alcohol, which, however, can be consider as a disease if considered in the light of the problem. The need for alcohol is built, like most other addictions, under the influence of the surrounding environment. There is a vicious circle of factors that lead to addiction, either directly or indirectly.

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    As a result, there are two types of sexual addictions which, however, are not mutually acceptable for two hearts “glued” by alcohol. That is, in the case of a significant number of adolescents, the psychological need for alcohol is built exactly by the difficulties of adolescence.

    The second type is the pattern of alcohol abuse in the family. Obviously, the volume of alcohol is much higher than what is known by the general public. Therefore, the dynamics of the development of alcohol addiction among family members is significantly different from the situation in the street, especially for women.

    Unlike the alcohol addiction of the street environment, it should be understood as a unique pathological phenomenon. The emergence of a habit is caused by the interaction of the surrounding reality and the strength of the addictive desire.