What is the main idea of an essay on population: it is a basis on which any scientific work is built, a basis on which any mathematical, logical or other complex thought is based.

What is the main idea of an essay on population: it is a basis on which any scientific work is built, a basis on which any mathematical, logical or other complex thought is based.

So, you may say that, in principle, the population is a homogeneous collective, which implies a certain number of attributes and qualities of each individual. Since real life is about the complexity of these numbers, they affect each other in a quite natural way. This is the reason why many researchers have a special affection for statistics, facts, obtaining and proving results of their research.

But it is especially important to know how to reach this goal. The phenomenon of population, which is called by the abbreviation of the word, simply does not lend itself to accurate measurement and simplification. What the reality is? Different researchers understand different kinds of population, but the most important thing that most everyone wants to know is how many people there are in the world. The simple and easy to understand method which we will talk about in a moment, is based on the population’s ability to divide data into the most important, meaningful, and credible. Then, you may propose as the proof of hypothesis one the following hypotheses: on the one hand, all people are equal; on the other – the social and economic status of people is higher.

How to understand the population?

The literature on population is endless. But the most important thing to understand is how it looks. And how things used to look is something that we only imagines. Looking for the objective reality, with its inner workings, we always face practical problems. As science is built on the basis of concrete research, it is possible to touch upon the problems of managing the nature of the world population, thinking about the causes and consequences of everything that happens. And in the end, it is reasonable to conjecture that, for the first time, humanity attempted to destroy itself several hundred thousand years ago.

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The invention of tools gave birth to the first human-made crisis in the form of which it had to be able to kill each other in the fight against hunger. Such conditions led to the first mass death in the history of society: the extinction of the peak fertility of the world population. However, subsequent epochs were characterized by the gradual disappearance of the population, although the population was able to fight the poverty of its earlier years.

In Europe, the goals of the population were higher: in the 13-14th centuries, the average life expectancy was 20 years for women and 14 years for men. It was great that the average life expectancy in those days was not shortened, but did not reach the goal. In the second half of the 19th century, the average life expectancy was only 20 years for women and 9 years for men.

Measures to combat poverty.

In many countries of the world, the population is a standard of living which is supplemented by the following factors: social and economic growth, the norm of reproductive periodicity, their dominance in the social hierarchy. However, the basic provision of the population is the system of six basic values: fertility, life expectancy, education, health, morality, and sexuality.

Each of these values is determined by the level of material wealth and income of the population. In other words, the size and the breadth of the basic values depends on the level of the material base.

In the period of crises, the population is forced to make difficult decisions under the influence of brutal realities. Its members are forced to effectively work at the expense of others, even in the cause and effect essay.

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In times of crisis, the population is quick to change its status, and only this way. However, the population retains its position. Its position is preserved despite the transition of the society to the new level of material well-being.

How to prevent poverty essay

The problem of poverty is usually recognized from the standpoint of economic and social consequences of it. The range of consequences includes the restriction of the opportunities of the majority of the population, the increase in the unemployment rate, the reduction of the wages, the introduction of temporary laymen.

In Africa, the phenomenon of poverty is generally recognized as the main problem in agriculture, in southern Africa – the problem of poverty is recognized in the land reform, in Europe – the problem of poverty is mainly associated with the lack of land.

In India, the number of people below the poverty line is greater than the number above it. Therefore, the main problem of the poverty is the excessive workforce which sometimes results in mass poverty, unemployment, and other social consequences. The rise in the minimum salary is the first significant step of the recent economic transformation of the Indian economy.

There are mainly two ways to deal with the problem of poverty on the income inequality basis: economic growth and social protection. In the first case, the rapid income growth provided the masses with the opportunity to expand their income, greater it in comparison with the poor.