What is the main idea of an essay on population: it is better to populate the planet when there is enough space under the sun, and so on.

What is the main idea of an essay on population: it is better to populate the planet when there is enough space under the sun, and so on.

Various systems of dating have been already introduced. The most famous of them is called the “Club of Rome” – the community of the world’s largest businessmen, politicians, and public figures, united by the idea of preserving the natural environment on the Earth.

This organization was the initiator of the very first major project aimed at mapping out the solar system – a conceptual plan for the entire human race. The entire work was aimed at obtaining such results that would allow to calculate the causes of many other phenomena.

The first version of the “Club of Rome” was created in the early 20th century. At present, this institution is engaged in the study of the problems of population, and has advanced various solutions to dealing with this problem.

The activities of the “Club of Rome” led to the emergence of whole scientific concepts related to the problem of population management, forecasting, and planning. The researchers needed to construct a model for the coordination of the work on population management, planning, and control in the framework of the study.

But, in the course of the next 100 years, population management studies have been conducted in the field of complex economic processes. The study of statistical methods for setting the population growth was started in the mid-60s of the 20th century. The methods for calculating the growth were complex. So, it is not surprising that, in those days, before large cities and the creation of large companies, the population was not able to consume all the resources.

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In Europe, the working plan for the population was based on a complex system of laws regulating the population, inducing innovation and study. The goal of the census was to find out the number, composition, and distribution of the population. In England, the number of population was one of the highest in the world, and social activities associated with it were many times higher than industrial production. The consequence of the population decline was the weakening of economic growth, the resignation of the middle class, the decline in the birth rate, and the popularization of the lower classes.

How to control population?

A problem of population is especially acute now, at the time when the number of people has doubled. In fact, the population is already three times higher than the number of agriculture-related jobs. There are hundreds of millions of people employed in agriculture, and a significant number of farmers. Unable to perform agricultural work, these people can’t afford better prospects for employment, and the employment rate is only attracting. The situation is complicated by the fact that the main use of the population is agricultural. Most of the people who use agriculture-related services are engaged in agriculture-related activities, which provide them with a variety of goods and services.

A major problem is connected with the fact that the world is getting warmer. The results of the global climate change are already realized, including the population, average temperature increases by one degree Celsius. The level of the World Ocean rises by an average of 1 mm per year. The water temperature on the surface of these objects can reach 30-36°C.

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Such temperatures are assigned to the sea and river bottom, by one degree of expectation. The water temperature on the lake that receives wastewater from industrial enterprises is several degrees higher than the actual one. The temperature of the lake is also higher than the temperature of the surrounding water.

In the Arctic, a depth of approximately 3 km is found. The water is withdrawn from the surface in a mixture of sea and river water. A natural thermal power plant was created near the city of Bergen, where it is done to store water.

Ambiguous regulations on the use of water bodies are absent. The internal federal laws apply for the use of water bodies only in cases when a significant level of emissions is expected in order to prevent harmful effects on water bodies.

Federal and state legislation on the management of water bodies is based on the authority of the states. Each of them has its own set of rules.

Despite the absence of federal regulation, the power of the authorities to control the use of water bodies is quite extensive. In fact, the central problem of the water pollution essay is the lack of information on the current situation in the world and the inability of states to control their obligations.

There is a tendency for the increase in the use of water bodies, especially in the Arctic and subarctic. The mid-tropical zones will experience rapid increases in the water temperature due to the redistribution of heat between the ocean and sea areas. The patterns of accumulation and decrease in the water temperature are also associated with the fall of the water temperature on the surface of the sea areas.

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State regulations on the use of water bodies are established by the National Water Commission. Although the number of Americans who own 5 million acres of irrigated land is rather small, this scale is sufficiently great.