What is the main idea of an essay on stereotypes, which you should completely elaborate on the pages of your research paper on child abuse and neglect.

What is the main idea of an essay on stereotypes, which you should completely elaborate on the pages of your research paper on child abuse and neglect.

Psychological research

Analyze your topic and take into account all the studies related to the point that you are going to write about. The thing is that, every topic is quite different. So let us talk separately about the research paper on child abuse and violence.

The research paper is quite different from the essays and the other types of papers. The main difference is the size of the paper. In this case, you will need to cover all the aspects of the topic from different positions of the author. It is necessary to present the contrary opinion to the opinion of the author, showing the evidence of the arguments.

To make your work easier, better planned and structured, you should create an immigration research paper outline. The example below might be of help.

  • As soon as our outline for research paper on illegal immigration is ready you can proceed for the main part of your work – creating the body of your essay, containing, as a rule, an immigration introduction paragraph, the main part, and the conclusion. The introduction should capture your audience’ attention and make them read your piece of writing up to the end.

    The following facts on US illegal immigrants may help you grab the audience attention from the very start. In 2015 the illegal immigrants constituted 3.4 million, the peak in the whole American population – 6 million people, and this number is constantly growing. The story tells about the challenges and aspirations of the unidentified foreigners, and therefore the problems they face in the US.

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    American manpower comprises 8 million, illegal foreign workers, accounting for 5 million. This quantity did not change in 2009 – 2015.

    Six million of unauthorized immigrants lived in the US as of January 2015.

    There are no limits to the number of eligible foreign employees, although usually it’s around 4 million.

    As of March 2015, the net population of the US was 3.4 million, illegal foreign workers – 3.8 million.

    These figures are telling. But they are not quite close to each other. The reasons for this are different for every country of the US. The immigrants are, in principle, the most unprotected class of the population, which, however, are not always documented and reported. The work of the illegal immigrants is, however, usually expended in the market of labor and international relations. The sum of their earnings is always determined individually and the costs of their services are always calculated individually. There are no accepted penalties for the illegal workers, but on the contrary, their earnings are measured according to the average earnings in the illegal immigrant group.

    The cost of illegal immigration to the United States is estimated at $582.5 billion. The earnings of the illegal workers and the employers are calculated respectively. There is no need to take into account inflationary periods because the real standards of living in the USA are determined by the actual number of immigrants and not by their legal status.

    Last year the illegal immigrants were paid less than $680 million in the form of dividends. The average income of the illegal immigrants was $581 million. The wages of the employed illegal immigrants were $565 million.