What is the main idea of this article?

What is the main idea of this article?

  • But why, in cases of extreme poverty, do people lose their mind and lose their sense of balance? The following effect of poverty on the mind and body will be described in a short essay on poverty and its effects.

    Impact on the Audience

    Have you ever heard a phrase: “It is important to listen to the audience”? So it is necessary to describe the ways in which the matter is debated in the modern world in order to convince the society to act in better, even though it seems to be impossible to do. How to start a rhetorical analysis essay?

    The general concept of speech is quite obvious, nevertheless, some people still think and talk about the gap between words and the reality, which is largely distorted by the prejudice of the society, the idea of a specific topic being studied in isolation from others.

    But, when speaking to a specific person, it is definitely not acceptable to talk about the problems of the world, the entire population, the nature of the matter. To some extent, we can say that the entire society is divided into two opposing groups, the rich and the poor. And it is absolutely not the best concept for describing how the poverty affects the life of individuals. In some countries of the world, there are such broad concepts of poverty as starvation and genocide, discrimination and many others.

    However, the concept of poverty is quite definite in our time. Its evaluation is intensively conceived in the system of moral judgments and emotional assessments. The objective evaluation includes such factors as the level of medical, cultural, legal, and other health, the social and domestic practices of the society, the actual and potential of the nation in the international sphere, the amount and causes of international aid, and so on.

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    Judgment is an emotional assessment and evaluation of the results of all existing activities in the framework of the analysis of the results of the previous period in the history, the trends of development, and the final and existing objectives of the period. It is expressed in the following grades: aesthetic, moral, analytical, philosophical, multicultural, poor, powerful, premature, etc.

    A number of observations commonly occur: the image of a man is associated with some fema, the image of a woman – with physical strength, the image of a man is associated with aggressiveness, lack of understanding of the other’s dignity, aggressiveness in relation to others, vanity, aggressiveness in relations with others.

    When writing a positive review for essay that explains how people of their country are living on the lower page of the social ladder, it is very important to add that many people have the same level of material well-being at the expense of large corporations.

  • In developed countries, the image of a man is associated with physical strength, assertiveness, diminished emotions. The likeness of a man is associated with the wide range of actions – from the rudest, most aggressive to the mildest rationalization of aggression, the lack of sensitivity to other people, the thirst for growth. The thirst for growth is a prerequisite for the existence of a certain sensitivity in the organism.
  • The development of the individual in the process of adaptation to the environment is slower than in the case of other individuals. However, the process of adaptation is rather long and the time gap between the behavior of a man and women can take decades. The dependence of a person is determined by the specificity of the requirements for the role. The specificity of the requirements is determined by the time in which the personality exists.
  • Sexual behavior, especially for women, leads to the loss of the sense of pleasure which, in turn, leads to the desire for the restoration of the reproductive cycle, the desire for the child. The desire for sexual relations in the marriage is a form of expression of the underlying needs for the relationship.
  • In the framework of romantic relationships, the double standard rule is the sexual harmony in marriage: the domination of one person by another in sexual matters and the desire for the other (performance of official duties). However, the very formulation of the notion of marriage “illogical” (interpersonal) does not give rise to any special definition of this phenomenon.
  • No matter how intensive the rate of development is, in the “traditional” family, the sacrifice is still practiced. The main institution is the marriage. The sacrifice is one of the most important pillars of building a successful family. Therefore, many people seek to maintain a strong family and to engage in honorable domestic work.