What is the main idea of this article: pride and courage.

What is the main idea of this article: pride and courage.

Spending a lot of time on a university should be remembered. A student remembers where they were when their life began. And the goal of a resume is to reach educational goals.

Only a diploma with distinction is a way to succeed in career. This is why it is important to treat a choice of major seriously and consciously, pass tests for career promotion. The main goal of this document is to make a student remember and appreciate what they have learned, work hard (if exams are still ahead) and achieve academic goals.

Of course, it is quite difficult for a young person to understand the importance of higher education. The need for knowledge and skills dependent on parents, teachers, classmates, sports activities, hobbies, evening activities, schedules of special groups and hobbies.

However, there are methods to consolidate knowledge, deep within the emotions, which is quite easy to obtain. The routine is no less important than the traditional way of learning. Therefore, the routine is designed to train the brain, to stop the development of the basic emotions.

The first thing which the student must learn is how to distinguish between reality and fiction. It is necessary to compare different issues, to consider both positive and negative phenomena. It is quite easy to find the necessary information and conclusions about such things. But the easiest way to overcome this problem is to conceive a reliable narrative essay thesis which will lead the reader to the goal of the study.

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In some parts of a narrative essay, you need to describe the background of the issue, provide a example of argumentation and report on some conclusions.

  • After placing the issue in the story, you have to describe its essence, get acquainted with the main people involved, their positions and work.
  • In the course of the narrative, some conclusions must be reached. In particular, you need to explain why some effect or phenomenon did not occur on the entire population and what became the result of the problem.
  • The concept “family” is used in the narrative paper. In actuality, in this case, it is a set of people living in a house filled with intelligent household appliances. The emblem is one of the most important symbols in the folklore. Many peoples represent it in dreams, spirits and religions. In America, the symbol of the family is much stronger than the image of a ordinary person.
  • In the New World, there were different definitions of a dream, which were quite common for the initial period of American civilization. One of them was the basis for the individual’s self-respect, which, in turn, was determined by the position in the class structure of society, in the system of social relations.
  • Modern scientists distinguish three basic methods of determining the status of the representative of the middle class which may be conditionally called the occupational, professional or social status. The first is industrial, the second is agricultural. The third type is industrial.
  • The first group has the role of the hub, the second group – the dynamics of economic development, the third – social control. In the process of economic development, the privilege, accessibility of employment, fair treatment, material comfort which other members of the social structure must provide.

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    Within the framework of the first group, all types of positions (professional, household and educational) are valid, although there are differences between them.

    The largest number of responses comes for such vacancies, and candidates need to stand out among competitors. In order to do this, you need to prepare an impressive CV that will emphasize your skills and achievements. It is also worth emphasizing your positive personal qualities.

    Due to the fact that people often strive to have good work experience, they overestimate their achievements. It is quite possible to recall a situation when, having increased their status at work, you notice that, however, you have not experienced enough success to enjoy a more attractive job. Such a situation may be considered a failure in regards to career growth. You should better dig deeper into the cause of this problem. For example, employees of my college spoke about the subject which we always had to deal with: positive and negative consequences of doing certain things. So what are we to do if we cannot do something within a specified time frame?

    As is known from the experience of other students, the answer is simple – you should order a narrative essay in the shortest available time. Just think about it. You have an entire front row with your eyes wide open, you are sitting in front of the commission member with an essay in your hands. Without reading the work, he asks: “So what happened?” To which role did you play in this tragedy?

    The answer is simple. You performed a simple, short task. What else did you need to do to perform a really deep and thorough analysis of the text that you have been assigned to write?