What is the main idea of this document. It should be brief, clear and stateless.

What is the main idea of this document. It should be brief, clear and stateless.

  • It is customary to write an essay in a colloquial style, avoiding difficult wordings, special terms and long sentences. Such a presentation of thoughts allows to establish a friendly contact with a reader. But do not overdo it. There is no need to turn an essay into a text full of slang.
  • Language should be dynamic, expressive, artistic. Do not add extra information, be concise. Phrases should be sharp and catchy. It is allowed to use aphorisms, allegories, paradoxes and other literary techniques without hesitation to make your essay more memorable and vivid.
  • As for volume of a text, there are no restrictions on a number of body paragraphs. At the same time, a paper should not be expanded by secondary information.
  • Structure of a paper should be logical, unite all arguments and evidence into a single whole.
  • –°ause and effect essay structure

    Many students make one typical mistake. Thinking that an essay is a free genre, they believe that it does not have any special structure either. This is not entirely true. Yes, you are allowed to express thoughts quite freely in this paper, but there should be a certain sequence of their presentation. Each thought should be provided as an argument and reinforced by evidence.

    A typical structure has three main blocks:

  • Body (the largest section which takes no less than 60% of a paper) consists arguments and their evidence. Each argument should be presented as a topic sentence of a separate paragraph.
  • A cause and effect essay conclusion summarizes author’s findings based on theoretical facts and practical examples described in a previous section. It will be appropriate to return to a thesis statement and emphasize that author has successfully proved it.
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    Peculiarities of causal analysis

    It is important to remember that causal analysis is just one of assignments existing in educational practice along with argumentative, compare and contrast, narrative and other essay types. Apart from general requirements listed above, it is important to take into account specific features of cause and effect essay argumentation.

    Analysis of causal relationships of various events, processes, actions is a central task which historians and journalists of business press often set themselves. Knowing a cause of some phenomenon, it is possible to influence it in, provoke people and social institutions to take part in useful activity and prevent negative developments.

    What a causal dependence is?

    According to a standard definition, it is a paired genetic relationship of factors, one of which generates another. A first factor is called a cause, and second one – an effect. A cause always precedes an effect in time. But, of course, a causal relationship does not boil to usual sequence of events in time. For example, the fact that a train in a metro starts moving after we enter it does not mean that our appearance is a reason for train’s movement.

    Many people do not know how to start a cause and effect essay exactly because they cannot find strong consistent patterns. Choosing an illogical sequence of events, you risk spoiling your research at the very beginning.

    In order for a preceding factor to be defined as a cause of a next one, an active material connection should exist between these two factors. Characteristic features of causal relationships are unambiguity and uniqueness, that is, the same causes provoke the same consequences under the same conditions.

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    How to define casual dependence?

    Trying to find the main cause of a certain event, you will probably see that it is included in a set of other causes that gave rise to this event and influenced its formation. In order to establish links in a course of cause and effect essay writing, first of all, a writer needs to isolate a set of phenomena that interest him from a general series of other phenomena. Next, it is necessary to pay attention to circumstances that preceded their emergence, identify the main factors that can be causes of an event under consideration.

    But as practice shows, determining factors capable of causing transformations still does not exist. We still have to rely on educated theories of human experience.

    The most important factor that you can classify is education. Higher education is considered to be the protection of the individual from abuse and harassment on the part of the authorities, and this is backed by the necessary legislation and education programs which can lead to the creation of special authorities and public centers.

    The implementation of educational programs is subject to certain requirements. In accordance with them, schools, universities, teacher’s conferences, and research projects are conducted. Moreover, students have the right to request a professional help with a cause and effect essay in cases when a topic of the work is extremely complex and beyond the expertise of a specialist.