What is the main idea of this paper?

What is the main idea of this paper?

  • Explain the relevance of the topic (explain why you have chosen it)
  • State your position on the proposed issue.
  • Topics for such essays are usually divided into the following categories:

  • Analysis of the problem (what you think about the chosen theme)
  • Definition of the concept “family” (what is meant by this term)
  • Classification of family (american and international definitions of the concept “family”)
  • Studies of family, their economic and sociological aspects (what is family structure and intergenerational relations in the family)
  • Ecological and socio-psychological research topics (what influences and consequences of family formation are studied)
  • Methodology of the family (an international standard]
  • Development of the concept for the construction of a family essay
  • The family is considered as one of the most social institutions, along with the ages, marriages and kinship ties. Since the most important feature of the family is the upbringing of children, you should analyze the problems of family, its problems, and suggest appropriate solutions.

    With the help of religion, the identity of the creator is more clearly expressed than in the case of other social institutions. In this case, the family acts as the cultural community – a unit of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers use the term “family” as a synonym for “family”.

    Religious circles criticized Malthus from within their midst, and this is reflected in the dialogue of the book “An Essay on the Principle of Population” with an example of right to fertility, devoted to the problem of overpopulation, which, in fact, is dependent on the demographic indicators (the lack of births, the large number of deaths and other morbid phenomena).

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    There is a stereotype of the “cultivation” of marriage, which, however, were quite different in the light of the whole problem of population growth. Cultivation is the attachment of a person to the power of marriage, the domination of parental authority and authority by the husband, the lack of personal freedom in the presence of subordination of the wife. Thus, the problem of population control mainly relates to the transformation of the patriarchal system of values.

    According to Malthus, the patriarchal system of values produces a male-only society where the male role is far from being the leading, most important role in the social hierarchy. This is the basis of the hierarchical value system, the differentiation of the sexes, and the adoption of gender roles in the process of reproduction.

    The solution of many problems of political, cultural, agricultural, psychological, socio-psychological researchers may be related to the problem of population management, which, however, may not always be considered as the main solution to a problem of population. It may be mentioned in an essay on increasing population that, in addition to the phenomenon of population growth, there is another problem of population decline, which is associated with the decline in the birth rate: the lack of births results in the long-term stagnation of the population.

    Another effect associated with the decline in the birth rate is the decline in the number of families with children. The girl and boy marry at younger ages, become parents and spouses having children, and thus, have smaller family functions.

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    Finally, the proportion of people over the age of 60 years decreases. The older a man, the less time he needs to reproduce the family. This tendency is absolute, which means that the population will continuously decline. However, the decline in the birth rate may be accompanied by an increase in the number of children under the age of 20 years, which should be mentioned in essays on population crisis.

    Effect of population on environment

    You may write in an essay on population problems that the study of the relationship between population and environment is the most complex and important element of the world population-planning process which should be included to the scale of the development of a civilization.

    In its significance, the role of the environment is not comparable to the role of the environment, since the reproduction of the population is the result of the population’s activity. The process of population growth requires a high quality of education, health, and material goods.

    The lifestyle of a modern person is not only controlled by the external parameters like the birth rate, mortality, and fertility. It is also subject to certain restrictions. The first of them is the level of attention to the environment.

    The scientists have to count on the fact that, with the improvement of quality of education and social protection, the birth rate will slow down. However, the situation is not in hopeless. The goals of human nature are development, increase in the number of children, and the lifestyle of adults should be equally bad.