What is the main idea of this part: preparing a thesis – main problem (description of solutions) – main (description of strategies) – in other words, the presentation of theses and arguments. The thesis should be formulated clearly and logically.

What is the main idea of this part: preparing a thesis – main problem (description of solutions) – main (description of strategies) – in other words, the presentation of theses and arguments. The thesis should be formulated clearly and logically.

The main problem of the “Why?” essay is a sharp increase in the number of ideas, which, in the process of writing, lead to a shocking fact: for example, in the final part of the coursework, some ideas may be expressed which were formulated in the introduction. Thinking about the possibility of repeating something like this, you may choose one of the topics.

The main rule: always keep a balance between logic and emotions.

How to conclude a “Why?” essay?


In the final part, you need to summarize the main idea of your essay. So start thinking about how a conclusion will be formed. This will help you to elaborate the thesis further.

Remember that there should not be any unreasonable assumptions. The thesis can be negative even in an argumentative essay. The things should be clarified in the next part of the essay.

Make sure that you indicated all the main turning points. The most important point is the conclusion of the essay. See the future of your reflections and write confidently in all capitals.

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Writing about friendship

The importance of friendship in social psychology is not lost with time. Questions about the specific features of interpersonal relationships, the mechanisms of their formation and development continue to interest researchers. This is due to the understanding of the psychological features of interpersonal relationships, their specificity and uniqueness, the complexity of the processes of interpersonal interaction.

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Essays about friendship are extremely popular today, but the answers to them are not always satisfactory. We recommend you to carefully study the analytical reviews published at the end of the article. They will help you to get acquainted with the content of future academic papers.

We also recommend you to read the connected text. Thanks to the ability to link the analyzed text and the answers from the introduced facts, the empirical research is being simultaneously conducted. Even if the paper has the following topic, it is worth highlighting the relationship between theory and practice in the course of the study.

Thanks to the conclusiveness of the empirical research, the theory of friendship has become a mine for countless cycles. Over time, along with the new faces around, the old ones begin to disappear, the process of communication with others occurring in the group gradually resumes (or even stops), shifts to a minimum level, and the first impression of friendship is a combination of the several factors, namely, an increase in the degree of selectivity of contacts, their stability and psychological depth, individuality and openness of the person interacting with others.

How to write a friendship essay?

This type of academic paper is typical for the discipline ARC – anthropology. As such, it should describe the ways in which the specific knowledge of the subject of the essay is formed. The issue is formulated in the introduction section of the coursework. The main part is based on this text and consists of 3-4 sentences. The message for the essay is also given in the questionnaire.

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The anthropological part of the process of friendship formation is the period of smallest individual contacts in the group. They may be described as a kind of joint pastime. The closer people are to each other, the more active the communication is, the more frequent experiences are reflected in the pair relationships.

The results of these analyses are expressed in the form of friendship titles: “Do not be afraid if all friends will leave you”, “Have a good rest and think about the content of your paper”, etc.

The flexibility of the concept of friendship is also indicative of the unity of the “I”, the “we” and “them”. To some extent, a universal moral obligation to each of the foregoing parties is formed.

Joint activity in the group means the success in the collective sphere: the joint activity of members in the process of production and distribution of social values, the joint participation in scientific and artistic works, the joint pastime in the cultural sphere, etc.

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Writing about your hobbies

In case you are conducting detailed studies or just thinking about the creation of a family while studying, your hobbies are those that are crucial for a creative and academic success, and which the college offers. There are several categories of interests which are crucial for a student:

  • Reporting. Such a profession is committed to sharing the information with other people. Distribution of responsibilities is transferred to responsibilities undertaken by the individual.
  • Understanding the nature of the world, the author assumes the leadership of these changes in the interpretation and evaluation of events, the formulation of solutions to problems posed, the study of trends in the world.