What is the most important aspect of any educational process which may be described in essays on standardized testing: the student acquires skills and knowledge necessary for self-improvement, competency, and independence.

What is the most important aspect of any educational process which may be described in essays on standardized testing: the student acquires skills and knowledge necessary for self-improvement, competency, and independence.

These are personal qualities which the student should develop, which, however, are not sufficient for the adoption of any educational tasks. As a rule, when a teacher asks a student to write a work of an educational course, they expect to have a certain attitude towards the topic. And the more important skill is the ability to disclose the thoughts and ideas of the author.

It is not enough to know how to express your thoughts. We recommend you to create real philosophical works, in which you can experience the wonders of creativity, demonstrate artistic skills and learn to reflectively. Reading books and talking with other people will help you to develop these qualities in practice.

While writing an essay, you should evaluate the merit of your reading in the light of the main advantages listed above. The essay is a kind of alternative to the coursework, in which the reader can learn to think logically, to question authority, to analyze, to discover thety, to justify, to encourage. The argumentation of the author should be based on the facts of public life, opinions of renown experts, and the task of the essay is to bring them to the new level of knowledge.

  • Honesty is closely connected with the dignity of a humanity. A Person who respects himself can’t be a cunning liar. He seeks to avoid all pretense, especially when it comes to matters involving others.

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    The second fundamental value which is formed by the interaction of honesty with justice is respect for others, their interests and position. A person can survive in any physical conditions, but psychologically, without respect of society, he will not survive. Society determines for what a person can be respected or despised.

    In society, there is a constant struggle for prestige, and this is reflected in the attitude of many legislators to the problem of honesty. Their work is controlled by a public opinion which can be manipulated to achieve the desired result.

    The battles for popularity of the word and the concept of honesty are the history of the modification of the English word, which, in the process of adaptation, changes its meaning. For example, in the pressure of economic factors in the economy, the right to take part in the distribution of income was established, and measures taken to achieve it were evaluated.

    The opposite situation may be observed in the political sphere: a man is elected to the House of Representatives, but his election is not held, because of his dishonest behavior. Often this is the fate of politicians. They are able to change their views: in the course of the revolution, its ideas were supplemented with the old anti-democratic slogans of the revolution.

    So, it is not difficult to find an example of a definition essay on honesty where this word is used as a synonym for “justice”. The phrase “They honestly shared what they earned together” means “shared fairly”. In the framework of honest behavior, everyone who participates in a joint undertaking will get the reward or punishment that he deserves. There is no subjectivism, arbitrariness, personal preferences, and collusion.

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    Material for “What prevents honesty?” essay: in the modern world, there are many obstacles that force people to lie. Various methods are used by the individual: distraction, spreading the false information, etc. However, the main obstacle you may encounter is honesty itself. Every person should be ready to tell the truth, and the ability to express his thoughts freely will help him to realize this goal.

    Where to start the essay about honesty?

    It is difficult to say whether the world is ready for honest relationships. It’s better to think about this problem in advance. This will help you to understand the characteristics of such statements and find out how to prevent them. There are the following features of an essay genre:

  • An author’s position is based on a experience of a person who has seen a certain phenomenon or phenomenon under consideration. For example, it may be a “honeymoon”. It’s better to describe this event with a clarity, describe it from different viewpoints, so that after a lapse of several years it will be possible to receive a new opinion.