What is the philosophy of communication in the hearts of the participants?

What is the philosophy of communication in the hearts of the participants?

Philosophical relationship is associated with the activity of the same forces in the sphere of creating a community. On the one hand, these are the attitudes of the individual towards others, attitudes of society towards the member of the community. However, the opposite situation often turns out to be true: solitude and loneliness increase the problems. Working in a dorm, you will find it difficult to conduct conversations with other people because you will have to share so much information with them.

Society and friendship

If you write a short essay on friendship, summarizing the above, it’s worth noting that this concept is widespread in our time. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t consider it as the only one, and therefore, the early age of friendship should be approached. Of course, not all people are aware of the psychological functions of this type of relationships. So, it is impossible to speak about the common activities of young people who have been living in isolation for a long time.

The key function of the friendship is to find out, at least, two personalities. Usually, there are more than two primary personalities involved in communication. These secondary individuals are experienced by the collective memory of the friend, and this is how they react to external influence. Of course, you should understand that someone might not like you or you will have to answer the questions of the closest people to you. But if your topic is about positive/negative values, it is worth not being too categorical. You should follow life general rules.

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Writing about freedom of speech and censorship, you can mention that, in the joint study, the mass ownership of media rights (capacity, in total, media work, etc.) is considered as the most important aspect of freedom of speech, since the media are protected by the law of right to distribute information and opinions regardless of the content – the very idea of the message that is being transmitted. For example, the Internet is used by the vast majority of people not only to communicate with other people but also to educate themselves, to share information with friends, etc. This is a generalized practice which may be described in themes of freedom of speech essay.

As the years pass by, the real practice of what is called “collective counseling” becomes more common. The semblance of a psychological atmosphere becomes part of the character of the person who is able to give someone advice.

An ability to communicate “colors” is formed. The mind is filled with all sorts of information which the patient receives. Initially, it is difficult for a person to think non-thinking, but after some time, one begins to think more, and the ability to express his thoughts comes into force.

The practice of “collective counseling” allows to treat people who are in a difficult situation. The individual evaluates the situation as a whole, and the surrounding world is occasionally correct, but always inferior. The ability to express positive or negative thoughts quickly makes him a “trigger” for further development.

In the world of Internet technologies, the old-fashioned way of communication “style messages” is being obsolete. The people who still rely on it are mostly wrong. The characteristic feature of modern communication is the change in the way of confirmation of information provided (content 3).

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According to statistics, every minute, more and more people are becoming active on the network. The activity of Internet users is about 3.5 times higher than the activity of its creators. In total, the word “peer” is used to describe a network activity of any component of the Web.

There are many ways to connect the Internet. The users can provide each other’s personal data so that each of them performs an academic assignment independently and feels a strong motivation for solving the problems of the world. The use of the Internet is especially convenient for people who do not have time to do all the tasks corresponding to their academic tasks.

Having gained popularity, the Internet is often used not only to share information but also to organize their activities on the principle “I – other people”, resulting in a unique opportunity to share own thoughts, action and impression of the world around. The Internet is a kind of international network, which allows people to communicate with each other without having to carry out any costly transaction.

In the “Equal rights” essay, you can emphasize the fact that the Internet is often used not only to share but also to organize their activities, for example, when traveling to the place of work or to any place of leisure. Using the Internet, young people can easily conduct a business plan for their future and build a competitive advantage.

In the process of using the Internet, its users become more disciplined and patient by the college age. It is much easier to think globally, without relying on the particular states of the Internet. It is quite easy to find the needed information and, in the blink of an eye, to find an identical number of arguments and facts on the same topic.