What is the reason for starting to write a high-quality text?

What is the reason for starting to write a high-quality text?

There are many reasons to start working on your essay. Let us start with the first one. The fact is that there is something wrong in the system. There is a monster in the middle of every article. And almost every student is going to feel that he or she is invaded by evil. The tone of the text should always be the opposite of the judgmental tone that everyone is used to write in these types of texts. So, how to start a monster essay?

The thing is that there are so many wars in the world nowadays, there are so many murderers that the whole planet is involved in this tragedy. The number of murderers is truly enormous, and the number of victims is already great. The number of serial killers is a combination of the most diverse motives: sexual, economic, and as for the motives, there are many. Of course, many of them have an obvious psychological motive for committing crimes in any form. However, such motive is not the main factor that is considered when choosing a killer.

The psychological motive for committing crimes is commonly assigned to the following types: sadism and masochism. Sadism is considered as sexuality expressed in violence against another person. However, in fact, this concept is much broader. It should be understood as violence against others, voluntarily or on the advice of some other people.

Murder is one of the most grave crimes. The motive for committing such murders is often revealed in the improvement of interpersonal conditions, improving the level of cooperation with the surrounding people. However, in most cases, such motives for committing crimes are associated with aggravation of situations. This is the basis for the stereotype of serial killers in society.

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Although, there are many murderers with one motive for committing crimes, they tend to reveal themselves during the entire period of committing crimes. Therefore, the reader may have an idea that certain motives for committing crimes are established at the moment.

Examples of motives for committing crimes

The following factors are often used to describe in essays on serial killers:

  • Ambitious motives. The main feature of this type is that they seek to take the victim’s position under the influence of an unconscious sense of guilt. Sadism is considered as sexuality expressed in violence against another person. However, in a broader sense, sadism also means violence not associated with sex.
  • Protocol-breakers. These are the people who can negotiate successfully and present themselves as reliable representatives of their social group. Although of course, this concept is sometimes described as violence against adults.
  • Ambitious type. The main feature of this type is persistence of intentions to achieve the desired goal. The maniacs are characterized by a desire to impose their own version of a law to solve the problem. However, in some cases, the goal is not achieved and the result is negative. The following example is the most common: a state supporting a non-violent family against the domination of the murderers.
  • Essaneity. The second stage of the development of the psychopathic personality is its desire for the disruption of the world economy and the loss of social status. The maniacs seek to impose their own will on others. In the process of aggression, they gradually lose control over their victims, beginning with friends and then to everybody. At this stage, they can’t forgive and humiliate their victims, can’t show respect for them. The consequence is the emergence of a new sense of self-respect in the hearts of the murderers, which allows them to continue to degrade and humiliate others.
  • Constant. This stage is characterized by the absence of significant social differences between the ancestors of the killer and other, the superficial unity of the personality of the offender. The primary difference is the first appearance (speech, behavior). In other words, the images of the getaways are embedded in the structures of the personality of the offender.
  • Stage of repentance. After a psychotic is engaged in legitimate sexual relations with a woman, he begins to express sincere repentance for crimes he committed. At this stage, he realizes that he did not just violate the laws of nature, but also violated the very purpose of life. The image of a perfect partner reflects the truth: sincerity will ultimately prevail.
  • Conclusion. After a personality is unified, it remains only to annihilation. This is the stage of such unification of the individual, the formation of a new personality.
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    A personality is destroyed if he does not perceive a certain image of himself as a separate individual, does not perceive the inner world of his being, does not fill his own soul with truthful information. And if the self-sacrifice is accompanied by a serious moral weakness, then, of course, the sacrifice is not completed and the consciousness and the soul are presented in dialogue.