What is the situation with the gas and electric power plants?

What is the situation with the gas and electric power plants?

In the US, the power plants have been prohibited by law only in the case of narrowest special education. Only those cases when a load on a station causes direct damage to the environment. The most common dangers are gas and electric generators, which can cause enormous damage to the environment. In addition, on several million square kilometers, there are hot underground rivers and seas with a depth of up to 3.5 km and a water temperature of up to 200°C (naturally, under pressure). So, having drilled a canal, it is possible to get a fountain of steam and hot water without any electric heating plant.

Hydrothermal energy

In summer, water heats up to 25°C. Why not to use this advantage? An installation that operates on the principle of “reverse refrigerator” is needed for this purpose. It is known that the standard refrigerator “pumps out” heat from its closed chamber and releases it into the environment. If to pass water through the refrigerator, the heat also could be collected.

The hot steam formed as a result of heat exchange condenses. Its temperature rises to 110°C. Then it can be transmitted into turbines of power plants or used for heating of water in central heating batteries to 60-65°C. You can justify the advisability of this method in your renewable resources essay by the fact that each expended kilowatt-hour will bring 3 kilowatt-hours as the present from nature. By the same principle, it is possible to obtain energy for air conditioning in hot weather.

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Such installations are most effective in the cases of large temperature differences, for example, in the seas. At the depth, the water is very cold – about 4°C, and on the surface, it heats up to 25°C. So, the difference of 20 degrees may be obtained. All necessary engineering developments have already been carried out and tested experimentally (for example, near the atoll Kavaratti, Laccadive Islands, near the south-west coast of India). It remains only to implement them wherever there are suitable natural conditions.

Push the reader of your research paper on renewable energy to the thought that the time has come when humanity should be engaged in the preservation of its habitat. Both scientific and practical efforts are needed to protect nature so that the human race will be able not only to survive but also to continue to develop. The natural way to reach this goal is to maximize the thrift strategy in contact with the outside world and to provide integrity of the cycle of all substances involved in the sphere of human life.

However, it is easy to formulate these principles theoretically in essays on alternative energy, but it is very difficult to translate them into the language of practical activity. All members of the world community, from international organizations to separate citizens, should participate in this complex process. Then not ideological but environmental problems will be in the foreground, not relations between nations but the relationship between humanity and nature will dominate.

Useful tips for writing quality renewable energy essay

An essay is one of the most difficult but, at the same time, most interesting tasks of the school and university curriculum, for which it is not easy to deserve a high mark. To obtain the best result, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly and to understand how to write such academic papers correctly, what criteria to follow. You will learn all the nuances from the material below. Read the tips that will help to write a quality essay on renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy.

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  • Focus on the title if it was provided by the teacher. Otherwise, pay special attention to the choice of a suitable short combination of words. Correctly composed renewable energy research topics allow the examiners to determine the main idea of the material presented. It is also important to give your comment on the title.

    If you can’t come up with a heading but only imagine the main thoughts in general outlines, do not worry. You can choose the title for the essay on energy crisis at the very end of the work when the text will be ready and thoroughly checked.

  • It’s not enough to briefly express your attitude to the renewable energy essay topics by just noting consent or disagreement with a certain thesis. It is important to cite your own arguments which may be based on statistics, examples from press and scientific literature.

    If you do not share the thought reflected by the provided topic, try to formulate objections in a soft form. Do not be afraid to have personal opinion, because the score for writing such papers as the importance of solar energy essay is determined according to specific criteria – disclosure of own reasoning. Perhaps you will find some inaccuracies, inconsistency and excessive emotionality of utterance in the thesis provided by the examination board. Be sure to write about it.