What is the situation with the natural resources?

What is the situation with the natural resources?

If you live in the wild world, no one can live with you without thinking about anything but the weather changes and the like. Therefore, it is almost impossible to live a day without thinking about the state of the environment. And this brings us to the next reason you should use in your essay – the poverty is the main factor that makes the country in the state of war.

The next country that you can mention in your essay on poverty and unemployment is the USA. Do you remember the 8th century? Well, almost all of the people were poor. So, this is the reason why most of the people become poor. From that time, it is not just the lower class of the population, but all the middle class except the upper class. And what is worse, most of the people have been working long hours for nothing. Of course, during those 8 years, the situation has improved, but the incomes of the middle class have not been able to keep up with the new waves of mass migration of large families. And the poor have not been able to receive a decent wage, and the social stratification of Americans progressed. In the 1890s, the real wages of the middle class were significantly higher than in the previous decades. So, in 1910, the wages were 4 times higher than the incomes of the lower class. And it is actually not true. The real wages were only getting higher. What is the reason for this discrepancy? The revolution has been carried out correctly in America, and the economic disparity between the two classes has decreased. But the aspiration of the middle class to equal distribution of national wealth is merely the same. All progress is a flow of fiber, and the string is not so thick, do not think of it as of an uninterrupted truth.

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There is a serious problem here, which should be taken into account while considering essay on income inequality: the middle class is highly mobilized in the economy, spending a huge share of time on the market. The human activity is used to meet the daily needs of the large number of middle class members. The concentration of economic resources is only 5% of the population, but use of them is in demand.

The situation of the middle class is typically characterized by high heterogeneity in the economic structure of the United States. Even the most highly paid top 10% of the US population receive only 15% of the national annual income. The top 10% of taxpayers is represented by the intermediaries – businessmen and politicians. Their work is a big percentage of the total output.

The budget of the US government covers the social sector. The middle class is one of the most important social groups, and any government is always obedient to the interests of the middle class. Therefore, the middle class is one of the most important tools for achieving the American Dream.

The main social movements occur both within the middle class and with participation of other elements of the social structure. Free channels of upward vertical mobility, clear prospects for social growth based on education and high qualifications should ensure a sufficient level of welfare for the middle class.

It also should be noted in essays on social inequality that, in addition to the stabilizing of the middle class, there is another, mainly negative aspect of the middle class relationship – attitudes of the occupants of the middle class.

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Utopias of the past spoke about the inviolability of the correct distribution of income, equality of positions, social security and care for the elderly. These were ideas of a future fulfilled in the framework of the program of the Confederacy. Utopias of the past spoke about the inviolability of the individual, social justice and a variety of other Utopias of the past. The main goal of the middle class was to move forward.

But, starting from the middle class, there were very few proposals for the elimination of inequality. Thomas Pikacheff wrote that the life of the middle class in the United States is the only one in the world that is proud of its ideal and which gives the highest honor to its name.

The life of the middle class in the United States is exceptional due to the unique historical background. The period of the existence of the middle class in the United States is the first stage of the development of social attributes, the first look on the face of the problem of income inequality. The middle class is an independent social subject of the American Dream. This is one of the most important personal qualities.

The concentration of the middle class in the United States is unusual. The number of merchants, industrialists, financiers, owners of manufactories, etc. is very high. Further, these groups are very heterogeneous in the structure of income, spending and consumption, artistic and scientific activity, is often highly differentiated by the level of wages, type of workers, etc.

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We have already mentioned the negative arguments which cause individual differences between the middle class and other social groups.