What is the social basis of the family?

What is the social basis of the family?

This question is the most important in the essay about family relationships. As you might have already guessed it, the basic social base of the family is a marriage union. Most experts believe that within the family, biological parents primarily provide the child with a sense of structure and classification, and psychodynamic – the sexual behavior of the mother. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. The philosophical base of the family is primarily a emotional attachment. The modern family, although it has undergone a number of significant transformations, is still considered to be the most traditional and settled adaptation method among the communities of similar orientation.

As a cultural unit, the family belongs to a special, collective psyche of a person. We clearly see the invisible, intangible connection between the older and younger generations, the inner world of the family as a “structure of society” in the spiritual and economic sense. Family, as a cultural institution, is a system of relationships that provides a sense of security, stability, and autonomy for a person.

According to the researchers, the family belongs to a “special” stage of the development of society in the initiation of which it begins to perform a role of a social institution. The analysis of family values for a research paper in social studies shows that the modern family is a “special case”. It is the first significant step towards the elimination of inequality, and the first predictor of the character of the next historical epoch.

The main feature of the family is its patriarchal system of values. The fundamental values are formulated in the marriage contract between husband and wife. The role of the marriage is to provide a supportive environment for the individual, the opportunity to have own offsprings.

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Offsprings are the communities of freedom and responsibility based on the unity of husband and wife. They represent a freedom of action, individual entrepreneurship, participation in the management of own behavior and national wealth. Individuals with stronger social roles have more opportunities to operate the networks and to share information.

In the context of values dominance, there is a struggle for the identification of appropriate opportunities for family production, the regulation of opportunities, and level of the family’s role in the social process.

Social activity is represented in the sphere of social ties which may be described as the most important social institutions in essays on family relationships. In particular, these are the relations between husband and wife, parents and children, spouses and children, brothers and sisters, parents of relatives, children – the cost of special services and benefits, opportunities – the need for them.

The phenomenon of entitlement is characteristic for families with widely circulated families. Usually, the husbands receive an amount of money let’s say, $ 10-20 thousand. The wives on average earn about $ 20 thousand a year more than the husbands.

There is a gender inequality in the family. The domination of the husband takes place in the family. Not only men suffer in this situation. There is a tendency for them to impose the above solutions on the husbands, as well as the inequality of the real and professional value of women and men.

A cultural interpretation of domestic violence is the ideology of the victims, the justification of their actions using the language of the victims’ words. This interpretation provides a possibility for the acceptance of their problems, their solutions and outcomes, including reforms, in the family, social work with women, children, and youth.

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According to the researchers, in the family, there is a trend towards a gradual abolition of class distinctions in the management of behaviour, values, and activities, the decrease in the number of intimidators, and the shift towards the implementation of the concept of community responsibility, the transition towards the provision of assistance and support for victims.

There is a tendency for the improvement of women’s material situation, their increased involvement in the activities of the household as one of the main institutions the use of family. The following implication is possible in such trends: the socialization of women’s behavior may be observed in the sphere of official relations.

The transition from punitive measures to supportive and therapeutic influences may be observed in the behavior of men. The use of force is less effective, less structured, and the use of measures is less effective. In this regard, the transformation of men’s behavior can be observed in the transformation of their attitudes and beliefs.

The use of force is closely related to the transformation of the function of the family, which is expressed in the transformation of the function of the marriage, the transformation of the institution of marriage. The transformation of the family is the second half of the transformation of the patriarchal model which should be mentioned in essays about family values.

Summing up, it should be stated to stop the violence essay that, in the family, there is a place for serious conflicts which may be encountered even in the happiest families. The main thing that indicates the seriousness of the problem is the transformation of the value of the family as a social institution, the institution in the social role.