What is the standard structure of breaking open the essay. So, you would write an introduction, body, and conclusion sections.

What is the standard structure of breaking open the essay. So, you would write an introduction, body, and conclusion sections.


The author should form the thesis statement on the basis of the information obtained from personal experience and reflections of the reader. It is recommended to disclose the topic using metaphors, allegories, paradoxes, as well as associated expressions. To illustrate, in a friendship definition essay, it is allowed to write that this concept is composed of several related concepts: friendship, sacrifice, father and daughter (from the first the personal intimacy and sacrifice, secondly, the thinking of a friend and the creation of a strong family, thirdly, the capacity for understanding others, friendship, sacrifice and transcendental compassion, which should be recognized in the highest degree of honesty.

The concept of friendship, which is obvious to everyone, includes such factors as individual similarities and differences in interests and behavior, social positions, marital status, ability for mutual service, our topic is always relevant. And, of course, everyone can find something special in this type of essays.

The most important thing to include in the concept of friendship is the assessment of the individual by the standards of the honesty. As a rule, in such texts, the subject is asked to express the personal assessment of the phenomenon under consideration, and the conclusion (implication) is the confirmation of the author’s words. Friendship is considered as one of the most valuable things in the life of every person.

The phrase “friend” sounds providential in social criticism. But the truth is if, in the framework of honest behavior, people say “friend” without any intentional and unnecessary modification.

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Destination for friendship essay

As a strategy for writing a friendship essay, you can choose the expression of some common stereotypes:

  • The more often the word “friend” is used, the more interesting it is to search for unique interpretations. Of course, some people might already know that friendship is a special form of interpersonal interaction, but it is not exactly one.
  • The objects of friendship are often complementary: each of them is located at the place of another object.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned facts, friendship is associated with creation of a common sense and an ability to compare the ideas, activities, feelings, and so on.
  • The topic of friendship is usually placed at the center of the intellectual activity of the individual. In general, it is considered as the stage of formation of a person’s abilities.
  • The question of the degree of friendship, its universal form (communicative, intimate) is formed in the process of interaction with other people.
  • The subject of friendship is usually a work (a variety of actions, practices, etc.).
  • Surrounding people welcome friendship. They are inclined to take the victim and are eager to show indignation or respect. On the contrary, in the system of sacrifice, friendly relations are judged more highly. The evaluations of the external features of friends are carried out with the utmost accuracy. The external gestures and signs of friendly relations help to assess the state of interpersonal relations between the object and the subject of friendly relations.
  • Interesting fact for friendship essay: the age of the ideal friend reveals hidden, not always realized psychological needs. Adolescence is considered the privileged age of friendship. Usually, it is regarded as the privileged time of friendship. But teens themselves should be responsible for the content of their communication, which both can and should share. The function of friendly relations is to develop children’s critical thinking and philosophical thinking.
  • With age, the world becomes increasingly filled with information. The lies of children often become the behavior of adults. The education system is summarized by the following requirements: in the future, the need for accurate, reliable information will be in the arsenal of actions. The person can or should actively utilize the services of a reliable information service.
  • The second love, if it is sincere, can still exist.