What is the word limit for each section of my assignment?

What is the word limit for each section of my assignment?
Hi Everyone

I have to write an assignment with a word limit of 1000 words.
The available marks have been divided into sections as follows;

For the first section of my essay; 26 Marks
Second section; 24 Marks
Third section 15 Marks
Fourth section 20 marks
Fifth section 15 Marks

I am used to being given a word count for each section so I know how many words I am allowed for each part but, on this particular assignment it says the marks allowcated (as above) should give you an idea of the word count expected for each section.

Could anyone please give me some advice on roughly how many words I should use for each section?

Sorry if it sounds like a silly question but I have never had this type of essay before where the word count is not stated under each section.

Thank You for your help


I don’t know what marks are, but the numbers you gave above add up to 100. If your word count and marks are similar, then you should base the number of words on the number of marks. Since 100 times ten equals a thousand, each section should be approximately the number of marks times ten. So:

1st section: 260 words
2nd section: 240 words
3rd section: 150 words
4th section: 200 words
5th section: 150 words

In a normal word processor, a page typed in Times New Roman, 12-pt, double-spaced is about 250 words.