What is there to discuss in minimum wage essay?

What is there to discuss in minimum wage essay?

If you were searching for the topics since the very beginning of this academic assignment (and you will most likely be surprised to hear it, but so many topics are already researched and discussed. When you are only starting with your academic paper, it is quite challenging to find the fresh and new topics to discuss. The thing is that most of the topics that we were talking about was not mentioned in the main part of your research paper. The other thing is that most of the topics are quite dated or even disproved by other scholars. Therefore, you have to be creative and find some other sources to make your essay even better. For example, you can pick an essay about gender inequality. It could be quite different from what you expected in the beginning, but there are so many important things that you have to check once more before the writing. Let us explain what you will need to write in the first place.

Year to year, men tend to shift parental functions to women. This is the best to explain to the readers of essays on gender roles. The situation is complicated by the fact that women suffer mainly from domestic violence, which is rated as one of the most dangerous forms of behavior. Women subjected to such treatment are prone to cause the negative conclusions about themselves, relationships with friends, and cooperation with authority. These tendencies are reinforced by the social stereotypes: the woman is a “good worker”.

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The history of this problem for gender roles in society essay is not only different for men and women, but, unfortunately, often still exist. The reason for that is the societal expectation of women as the “productive” time of the family. Ladies are expected to be mothers, be nurturing and loving, to be the best among the genders. The result of women’s participation in social production is the social idealization of women, their roles in society are justified further by the necessity of women for the economic development of society.

According to sociologists, there are several different types of relations functioning in parallel in society: patriarchal or traditional; focused on children or modern; marital or postmodern. Today’s family is a “marriage of good friends” united for the joint organization of life and raising of children.

For many centuries, the absolute parental power and authoritarian system of upbringing reigned in the patriarchal family. The slightest violation of these principles led to inevitable sanctions. Children were subjected to corporal punishment if they rudely talked with their parents or refused to fulfill their orders. In general, care for children was not in the customs of the ancient peasants. According to the opinion of ethnographers, there was no concept of responsibility of parents towards kids.

At the same time, along with the irresponsibility of adults, there were excessive demands on kids. Hence the special respect of the peasants to the fifth commandment: “Honour thy father and thy mother”. So, you may note the positive changes between past and present in a “relationship between parents and children” essay.

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There were compulsory collectivism and centralism in the patriarchal family. Common interests did not just dominate. They were an absolute value. Interests of individuals were not taken into account.

This can be clearly seen in the example of marriage. Young people married not for love but at the will of parents, which in this case did not reflect the whims of the elderly but the interests of the family as a whole. Marriage was considered as something like a property transaction. Later, there was a rigid consolidation of roles in the family. The supremacy of the husband took place due to the concentration of economic resources in his hands and the adoption of basic decisions.

Do not think that the elimination of the economic and moral priorities of the family head occurs in the same rhythm everywhere. In the framework of the survey, 43.3% of respondents answered that the most important issues are solved by the husband. His word is decisive in many cases.

There are five main patriarchal priorities which should be indicated in scholarly articles on family values:

  • Family and economy are inseparable concepts. Production depends on the demographic indicators. The social roles of men and women are strictly differentiated in this case.
  • The power of kinship, its dominance in social life.
  • Inseparable dependence on the land. In the past, most families were peasants whose life, as the life of aristocrats, was connected with harvesting. The soil was not only the universal basis of production. The whole life of the society was held on it.
  • Large families – the consequence of the adoption of socio-cultural norms of early marriage and high birth rate due to the high mortality of the population.
  • The priority of the older generations, in other words, the power of intergenerational ties. Age played the role of the main agent of social control. Mature people used their right to dispose of family resources, increased their status and power.