What is to do first thing before beginning to write a family history essay

What is to do first thing before beginning to write a family history essay

Family history began with the formation of a new family. Soon, the first schools for girls were created in London. The education of children was integrated at this time. Girls were forced to study in a male tutor. Boys were taught to talk. Children were brought up in strict accordance with the needs of adults.

In London, the old established ways of teaching children were left behind.

Girls were taught to be obedient and nice. Boys were taught to overcome their difficulties. Instead of experiencing shame and believing that they are bad, making bad decisions, creating a bad mood, they should learn to overcome difficulties.

  • The need for honesty is part of the nature of the human. It is inherent to every human.

    Honesty is a complicated issue. It has various meanings, certain stipulations and relative autonomy of each participant. Honest work with others is based on a clear plan, strict and strict control over the work of the author and the dissemination of the information of the collective. It is represented in the concept of honest work with the purpose of obtaining the most complete and comprehensive information on the outcome of the exercise.

    The honesty means the openness between people, the need for communication, increased trust in the representative of the younger world. The honest person respects others, wants to help them, and shows a great interest in the solution of difficulties. Such a behavior allows him to participate in serious processes and to make decisions in critical situations, helps to overcome evil, to win for love, and in the future. After all, the message for the honest work is to be ready to communicate, to take responsibility, to show interest.

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    However, if honesty is not enough, then perfection is attained only in the system of moral laws.

    A rule in the family is honesty with respect to the image of the mother, father, children, and the whole family, consisting of the offspring and the foster family. In other words, within the framework of the moral law, the innocent victim is a subject of all laws of a legal nature.

    Honesty is closely connected with the problems of generation, the behavior of the mother and the child, the ideas about the lifestyle of the husband and the child, the results of the marriage. If one of the parents of the minor dies due to drunkenness or foolishness, it is more susceptible to the influence of alcohol in the child, and consequently, to the deficit of family values.

    Mention in your Romeo and Juliet essay that the idealization of a family (both in the ideal and in reality) exists owing to the studies of sociologists and psychologists. In their belief in the importance of family relationships, they focused on the change in the value system of the relatives and the dynamics of the family, factors that facilitate or hinder the transition from the ideal to the reality.

    Such ideas were expressed by the Italian psychologist Giacomo Gabbana in the book “Why Romeo and Juliet are the best people?”

    Modern researchers made the following conclusions: in the modern families, there is a correlation between parental honestness and the level of family values. This is the relationship between the values of parents and children.

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    If to take into account the differences between the ideal and the real world, the ideology of the ideal tends to conquer social activity, and the people born of the idea strive to bring their children higher. In order to achieve this goal, they have to engage in sacrifice for the sake of the unity of their family.

    So, high family values are observed in societies where the image of the mother is much higher than the image of her husband. The phenomenon of ‘family solidarity’ is observed: the level of social support is higher, and the moral norms (in this case, the moral norms are used to impose a moral worldview on the spouses. Ideological terms are used to strengthen the state of relations between people.

    Social relations of parents are regulated by moral norms which themselves are regulated by the moral norms of the family. The modern family is a society where the symbolic value of one person is higher than the material value of another, and this is one of the strongest motivations for the formation of family values. The desire for the allocation of roles is a result of the struggle for the norm in the family.

    The following changes in the value system have been observed: in the 1960s, the perception of children as the free time of the family was more important than the need for them, and this situation was called “family congestion”. The daily need for communication with children was greater than the need for meeting the daily needs of adults.