What is what you should include in your paper.

What is what you should include in your paper.

  • In the course of your research, some sources on real life experiences are appropriate: interviews of people having to survive for the minimum wage, surveys among employers, research papers, personal experiences of workers, etc.
  • How to write on minimum wage essay topics?

    The topic of the essay is usually offered by the professor. Usually, it is related to some social issues, and, occasionally, it is also related to the topic of the dissertation. Getting the topic of the academic paper ready, you must make some effort, so you will be ready to write it. One of the essential rules is the absence of the topic sentence. Its function is to connect the logical chain of theses and arguments to the issue under consideration.

  • The transition from the main part to the conclusion is made in the following sequence: one statement – one or two sentences.
  • The usual way of the academic paper is based on a chronological sequence of theses and arguments. The statements and arguments are usually placed between the references and the quotations. The examples are placed between the dates, and the arguments are substituted accordingly – usually, in the end of the paper.
  • Introduction of the minimum wage essay: in the introduction, the author presents the theses, or rather their argumentation, and then starts the conclusion with a view to the problem of the essay.
  • The main part: the problem of the essay is presented in the form of solutions or in the framework of the themes that have been formulated in the previous part. In this part, the student tries to highlight the most important points and theses presented in the previous parts of the course. You should remember that the conclusions of the preliminary part are the result of the research conducted in the course of the essay. Therefore, you should refrain from direct commands of the subject. The value of the work is determined by the combination of the arguments and the examples. In other words, the conclusions are the result of the combined efforts of the author and the study of the material.
  • The introduction part should be short. Occasionally, students provide the title of the essay on minimum wage. But the average length of the text is up to 50 words, and some educational institutions require writing of such essays to be 7-10 pages long.
  • Main part: This is the biggest and the most important part of the essay, where the chosen idea is consistently revealed. The author should have extensive experience in the field of minimum wage, which, unfortunately, is lacking in some cases.
  • Conclusion: In the conclusion, the author sums up the main results of the whole research. Sometimes the words are just used to explain the position of the author in the shown society, and the idea reflects the ideology of the author.
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    Sometimes the ideological components of the essay are influenced by the genre of the text. For example, if the author is writing a persuasive essay on minimum wage, his ideas should be supported by relevant material from the sources of the latest time. However, be ready to demonstrate the opposite point of view to the point that you are defending in your essay.

    How to write a persuasive essay?

    Whether you are writing the essay on benefits of minimum wage or just a regular research paper, the parameters of the essay structure should be carefully checked. It should be a combination of the relevant and the vast descriptive data on the topic. As a rule, the topic is controversial and does not imply an unambiguous and objective view of the problem of politics, economics, or anything else. Therefore, the objective analysis and analysis of the topic are removed. The source for the information is often the results of the empirical research.

  • With the help of a bright hook for essay on minimum wage, which often forces the reader to read the whole work till the very end, the author is able to immediately draw the attention of the reader to the study of the issue. The question of the minimum wage is usually brought to the fore in the introduction section of the essay. The user should immediately receive the information about the studying the problem.
  • Users should not be surprised by the fact that, in some cases, the minimum wage rates are quite high.