What kind of Personality Do Ivy League Colleges Want you to Have?

What kind of Personality Do Ivy League Colleges Want you to Have?
I’m worried about my eventual college interview(s) because I am not the amazing person with incredible accomplishments and an outstanding personality that they want me to be. My life goal is NOT to open a homeless shelter, to take care of abused animals, or to feed people in third world countries and donate all my spare money to charity. I cannot solve a rubix cube blindfolded, win a national competition, or be the most athletic person in my high school. I’m just a person that grew up in a high school centered soley around football, which I didn’t play, got good scores on all his standardized tests and all A’s just like everyone else that is applyign to an Ivy League College. A person that took a tour of harvard during his summer vacation with his family. A person that doesn’t know anythign about the colleges other than that they can help him to be successful. A person that tried his best to make it into the best private high school in houston and was put on the waiting list because nearly flawless ISEE test scores and doing all the extracarriculars that he could at his school wasn’t good enough.
So, who am I supposed to be during an interview at an Ivy League College?

yourself. play up the fact that your whole community is based around something you dont want any part of. as someone who is attending Dartmouth next year (also got into Harvard and some other good schools that aren’t Ivy’s) I just tried to be unique in my views and thoughts. like you, I have never done anything to save the world, etc, but I played up the fact that the thing i love the most and spend the most time doing, basketball, is something that no one cares about at my high school and the team was the laughing stock of the school. i tried to come off very light-hearted and realistic about my goals rather than going for the whole “with the right resources I could solve international crises…” i think an unusual fact or two (can be small scale) in an interview and an essay that is far from normal (something funny, witty, maybe sarcastic) will help you out a lot. hope I helped.