What makes a modern hero?

What makes a modern hero?
The space below is for you to freewrite about the question, “What makes a hero?” This is not an essay or rough draft of your project; it is just a method to help you think about the topic. Don’t worry about spelling, neatness, or organization at this time. Write at least four paragraphs.

The space below is for me to write an answer to the question “What makes a hero?”

It is not a space for me to write an essay or a rough draft for some poor student’s project. It is a method to not only remind these students that they are wasting their time seeking others to write essays for them here, and that they do not have to worry about the spelling in my answers, or my organisation at this time, but ultimately when they think for themselves, write at least four paragraphs for themselves, use spell check for themselves, and organise for themselves – – they will become a modern hero.