What makes you who you are? essay?

What makes you who you are? essay?
Basically, I have to write an essay about what makes me who I am and I’m getting major writers block. Idk what to write about. And this is for English honors, one paper a marking period basically determines your grade.

just think of all your influences and major experiences, anything or anyone who has changed the way you think or act
think about things like the way your parents treat you, the kind of friends you have, especially the ones that you were only friends with for a little while, for me they always have the biggest impact because there’s a REASON your friendship died
also consider thee other angle of this what are the things that separate you from everyone else, is it your religion, your personality, your hobbies, think of the major differences between you and your friends and between you and your family

i wish i could be of more help but the topic seems so vague to me, feel free to email me though if you think I can help you any more