what questions to ask at an SAT tutoring session? My score is about 1750; i’m bad at all 3 sections.?

what questions to ask at an SAT tutoring session? My score is about 1750; i’m bad at all 3 sections.?
i kind of understand the questions i get wrong when i review my mistakes, but my score isn’t rising.

First of all, good for you for thinking about how to use your time and your tutor’s time effectively. That you are already considering how to use your time effectively suggests that you are mature and thinking this way is a very good skill.

A fair body of statistical evidence suggests that women do better on the verbal and writing sections of the SAT and can improve more on those sections. You may want to focus on those sections, but I would ask your tutor which areas he or she thinks you are the most likely to improve in.

Also, the SAT releases difficulty levels of questions (from 1-5). Are you missing quesitons of all difficulties or are you missing questions of a certain difficulty more than others. You may want to ask your tutor to help you figure this out; although, you can probably use your own time to do it. If your tutor knows her stuff he/she


Part of the SAT tests how you learn a word’s meaning from the context. You can and should ask your tutor for help identifying clues about how to tell a word’s meaning (prefix, tone, etc.). However, you can also improve your score by not having to learn the word’s meaning from the context around it since you already know what the word means. Ask your tutor to help you come up with a list of words and prefixes to learn, and follow-up by working with your tutor to come up with a technique you think will help you learn the vocabularly.

For me, I did two things: (1) I made a bunch of flash cards, and would go over them in the car/on the bus and before bed. I would learn five new words a day (from my list) and then force myself to go over the words from every day before (so I went over five words the first day I did it and ten the second day (the new words and the words I learned the day before)). I wouldn’t stop until I could say all the words. (2) I started using the words I was learning when I talked to people. Yeah I’m a bit of a dork, but I’m not a huge dork. My parents, and especially my friends who were also preparing for the SAT liked using these words.


I would ask your tutor to walk you through answering the question. A good tutor won’t just tell you what the answer is, the tutor should point to places in the passage where you can find evidence. So if there is a question about tone, the tutor has to point out to you places where you can see clear evidence of the tone its.

Write out a sample essay with your tutor. You can probablywrite something general enough that you can learn portions of it, and include them on your test.

Math is the most you specific. Are the geometry questions giving you a hard time, or the comparisons? Your tutor’s job here will be to teach you tecnhiques to solve questions accurately.

Summary: Your tutor has two tasks and your questions for him/her should be aimed at making sure that he/she covers those two tasks. The tasks are to (1) help you identify what you’re good at, so that you don’t waste time going over stuff you already can do, and so that you can focus your energy on the questions which you will be able to improve most on (2) to help you learn techniques and give you tools so that you can solve questions more quickly and accurately.

You’ve shown that you are mature by asking this question. If you really focus, I think you can probably improve your score by as many as 500 points. Good luck.