what reasons should i put in my persuasive essay?

what reasons should i put in my persuasive essay?
I am writting a letter to my teacher about wanting to be able to put a flower on a special garden/ we go on a trip in a month and only two people get to do it.

When writing a persuasive essay, there are some essential things that make it stick out in a readers eyes. First, I would suggest listing your achievements. For example, a teacher is more likely to pick someone who has good grades because in most cases it shows a sense of responsibility. Also, I would suggest explaining why you aspire to do the task you have mentioned. Use descriptive writing when explaining to give her/him a good feeling behind what you say. Lastly, talk with confidence. Make them think you are the only person qualified for doing such as task. This is usually done by not talking in first person that much. Many students, such as myself, use this for persuading.