What scene & act was this part from in Hamlet?

What scene & act was this part from in Hamlet?
I have to write an essay about Hamlet. My topic is: What do you feel hurt Hamlet more–the murder of his father or the quick marriage of his mother?

I have NO IDEA what to write. Please help me out.

What scene AND act was my topic in from Hamlet? That’ll probably help me a lil’.

Neither. The two things that hurt him most were that he couldn’t return to Wittenberg and that he couldn’t marry Ophelia. Both were because he was a Prince who therefore could not “carve for himself.” He wanted to be true to himself – the scholar from Wittenberg who was Ophelia’s lover. But he was cursed from birth to be Prince Hamlet, subject to the Voice of Denmark, heir to the land that was the “question of these wars,” land that was on the verge of becoming just another plot “not tomb and continent enough to hide the slain.”
– Ray Eston Smith Jr