What score would my essay earn on the GED test and why?

What score would my essay earn on the GED test and why?
What score would my Essay earn if it were for the G.E.D writing test? And Why?
Im really not sure how good my essay skills are. Im 16 years old and home schooled, more like self schooled. I’m teaching myself everything right now but what I need is for someone to tell me exactly where I need help with GED essay writing. This is one of my first essays that I’ve done in a long time. And the topic is: Explain why some teenagers in the united states skip school/class.
Here It Is:
Why Teens Skip
School Days. Those are the days where you spend hours in class learning many new things and preparing for your life in the world ahead of you. Why would anyone want to skip school and miss out on this oppurtunity of knowledge and preparation? The teen mentality can be very careless. Some teens dont realize how important it is to attend school. These same teenagers would rather go out and have fun; living for today and not tomorrow’s rewards. Others just don’t believe in themselves enough to meet school’s obstacles head on. Classes can repel students who are hard at learning if they’re too challenging, or even, boring.
(Paragraph 1) Kids just want to have fun. We teens can have a short attention span and to us the idea of school can be thought of as a long, boring, yawn. When you’re young, you’d much rather spend your time shopping at the mall, or playing video games. Some teens skip school because partying hard, living free, and having fun are moments that are more worth to them than constantly being told to “be quiete” or “pay attention”.
( Paragraph 2) One main reason that some teenagers think it’s okay to skip school is because they might think that school isn’t crucial to their life, or they’re not fit for it. There are some kids that have this idea that high school and college education is not necessary to get a good job and make decent money. They aren’t smart enough to know that a dead end job at a super market or resteraunt will not make life fun and easy for them. Later they’ll regret skipping, and failing classes when they’re stuck flipping burgers at McDonald’s for a measly salary. Its these teens that dont consider their future, and they don’t realize that life can hit them hard if they don’t prepare and dedicate themselves to heir education.
( Paragraph 3) Lastly, students might feel that classes are boring or hard to understand. They struggle trying to get the solutions to answers, and don’t believe that they can grasp the concept of a lesson. When they think that they’re never going to get it they don’t see the point of going to school, so they skip it. The blame for this can be on them for not trying hard enough to learn, but it can also be put on a teacher who teaches ineffectively. A teen might avoid a class when the pressure becomes too much, and they lack the power of determination to succeed. Some of us teens take the easu way out. Anyone who doesnt understand the subject, proabably doesn’t even want to, and therefore, why bother?
( Paragraph 4) I think that if these school skipping teens were more responsible and dedicated, they wouldn’t skip school so much. Then again, if all teens were this way, then classes would be full of robots. It’s in our nature to be fun loving, and frivolous. We’re only young once. That is why teens think lightly of school and education. We’re still young and we should know better. The question is, do we care?

Well for being home schooled your grammar and writing are quite good. Much better than the majority of people I know and they actually passed high school.

As for what your mark would get, I’m not entirely sure, because I don’t know how strict they are. How many words is it supposed to be? From what I see here you’ve got around 500 words. Is that all they want?

Oftentimes for essays schools prefer you have anywhere between 1000-2000 words. But if this is all they want, then it should be alright.